Duck Speak: Hotcoldwetdry Is White Colonization Or Something

Written by an uber-white woman, Erin Fitz-Henry, the Deputy Coordinator – Anthropology, Development Studies & Social Theory, The University of Melbourne. She’s pale enough to have a joke written about her not being able to be seen in the snow. Just another loony tunes white elitist white-knighting for minorities, because, let’s be honest, these people do not think much of “minorities”, particularly black people, and do not think they can survive without the helpful hand of white elites and government

Climate change is white colonisation of the atmosphere. It’s time to tackle this entrenched racism

“Climate change is racist”. So reads the title of a recent book by British journalist Jeremy Williams. While this title might seem provocative, it’s long been recognised that people of colour suffer disproportionate harms under climate change – and this is likely to worsen in the coming decades.

However, most rich white countries, including Australia, are doing precious little to properly address this inequity. For the most part, they refuse to accept the climate debt they owe to poorer countries and communities.

In so doing, they sentence millions of people to premature death, disability or unnecessary hardship. This includes in Australia, where climate change compounds historical wrongs against First Nations communities in many ways.

This injustice – a type of “atmospheric colonisation” – is a form of deeply entrenched colonial racism that arguably represents the most pressing global equity issue of our time. Several upcoming global talks, including the Pacific Islands Forum this week, offer a chance to urgently elevate climate justice on the global agenda.

This is totally about science, though, right? They want climate reparations and so much more. It’s all very insane. I wonder if these Warmists are willing to give up their own money and modern lifestyles?

(climate duck speak)

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7 Responses to “Duck Speak: Hotcoldwetdry Is White Colonization Or Something”

  1. MasterDiver says:

    “Give up their own money and modern lifestyles?” Are you INSANE? They are the Intelligencia, the Elite! The Enlightened Despots who are, by Divine Right, designated to drive the poor, ignorant, marginally intelligent masses to the Socialist/Environmental/Vegan/Subsistence Farmer Utopia, whether they want it or not!

  2. Professor Hale says:

    Isn’t it great that you can get people to pay you for doing your hobby?

  3. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    I happened to run across this tid-bit at AT so just to bother Dowd I figured I’d paste it here.
    Two top-level American atmospheric scientists have dismissed the peer review system of current climate science literature as “a joke”. According to Emeritus Professors William Happer and Richard Lindzen, “it is pal review, not peer review”. The two men have had long distinguished careers in physics and atmospheric science. “Climate science is awash with manipulated data, which provides no reliable scientific evidence,” they state.

    No reliable scientific evidence can be provided either by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), they say, which is “government-controlled and only issues government dictated findings”. The two academics draw attention to an IPCC rule that states all summaries for policymakers are approved by governments. In their opinion, these summaries are “merely government opinions”. They refer to the recent comments on climate models by the atmospheric science professor John Christy from the University of Alabama, who says that, in his view, recent climate model predictions “fail miserably to predict reality”, making them “inappropriate” to use in predicting future climate changes.

    But for a really quick understanding of the depth of the fraud, take a look at this graph put together by John Christy of the University of Alabama, Huntsville that they cite comparing the predicted temperatures of the global warming models with the actual temperature record:

    Note that since the actual temperature record shown on the graph continued, temperatures leveled off in subsequent years.

    As Happer and Lindzen summarize their conclusion:

    “Misrepresentation, exaggeration, cherry picking or outright lying pretty much covers all the so-called evidence marshalled in support of the theory of imminent catastrophic global warming caused by fossil fuels and CO2.”

    • The Liberal but not libertarian Elwood P. Dowd says:

      There is no doubt that global warming impacts poor nations more than the wealthy nations that are causing it.

      LeBron James, Oprah, Steph Curry, Denzel, Beyonce, Shaq etc can change their environs, but poor people in Bangladesh, Benin, Sudan, Indonesia etc have fewer options.

      The so-called Party of Responsibility refuses to take any responsibility.

      • david7134 says:

        You remember the story of the 10 year old rape victim that you were crying about. Turns out to be fake. Just like your global warming crap.

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