Lunatic Leftist Judge Rules Many Minnesota Abortion Restrictions Are Unconstitutional

Will this now go to the Minnesota supreme court? Will pro-life Minnesotans attempt to push a vote on a constitutional amendment? You know this judge has to be a leftist, since they never mention the party affiliation. Many of his previous big rulings have leaned left and towards Big Government

Minnesota judge strikes down numerous state abortion restrictions

A judge in Minnesota struck down several state laws restricting access to abortions Monday, finding they violated the state’s constitution.

In a 140-page ruling, state District Judge Thomas Gilligan of Ramsey County issued a permanent injunction blocking a variety of restrictions, including a 24-hour waiting period and a requirement that only doctors perform the procedure. He said they run afoul of a 1995 state Supreme Court ruling that abortion is protected under the Minnesota Constitution.

Gilligan, who has presided over the case for three years, wrote that “this court concludes that Minnesota abortion laws relating to mandated physician care, hospitalization, criminalization, parental notification, and informed consent are unconstitutional.”

He found that the “laws violate the right to privacy because they infringe upon the fundamental right under the Minnesota Constitution to access abortion care and do not withstand strict scrutiny,” adding: “The parental notification law violates the guarantee of equal protection for the same reasons. The informed consent law also violates the right to free speech under the Minnesota Constitution, because it is misleading and confusing, and does not withstand intermediate scrutiny. Accordingly, this court is declaring those laws unconstitutional.”

Just because it was considered a right, though not specifically in the Minnesota Constitution, does that mean that pretty much anyone can perform one? How about leaving the parents out? Minors are, under the law, unable to give consent for sexual relations. Minors are unable to give consent for medial procedures. Yet, they can get an abortion without parental notification? These people are insane

House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt, a Republican, urged state Attorney General Keith Ellison to appeal the ruling, which he said in a statement “will put lives at risk by allowing non-physicians to perform abortions and second or third trimester abortions to be performed in non-medical settings.”

“Republicans will continue to defend common-sense pro-life laws that protect the health and safety of mothers, and work to overturn this reckless decision that puts mothers’ lives at risk,” Daudt added.

Not sure Ellison will do a damned thing, since he is an avowed leftist and supporter of abortion. This is, though, exactly what the Supreme Court ruling was about: it’s a state issue. It will surely be appealed. But, Democrats will never stop fighting for the ability to kill the unborn for their own poor life choices.

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3 Responses to “Lunatic Leftist Judge Rules Many Minnesota Abortion Restrictions Are Unconstitutional”

  1. The catholic but not Catholic Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Lunatic, fascist right-wing blogger attacks democracy! What happened to states’ rights?

    The good people of Minnesota elected a Republican Senate and a Democratic House. They elected Democratic executives. They also elected state District Judge Thomas Gilligan who ruled that the existing anti-abortion laws in Minnesota violate the Minnesota constitution.

    In 1995 the Minnesota State Supreme Court (nonpartisan elections to 6 yr terms) affirmed Minnesotans’ right to abortion.

    The objective of the pro-birther movement is to eliminate ALL abortions in every state.

    Anyone who believes fertilized eggs are persons and any abortion is murder will not stop with red states.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    Seems reasonable on it’s face. The 1995 court decision seems to cover this. As has been pointed out, the Dobbs decision did not make Abortion illegal or even discouraged. It only returned the issue to the states.

    My own preference is that invasive medical procedures and administering harmful drugs should be under the care of a doctor, but that’s just common WESTERN medical practice in first world countries. I am sure the residents of Little Mogadishu have other culturally sensitive methods for doing this. But the bottom line is that it is up to Minnesotans to figure all this out and unscrew their laws.

    It is very odd that the party that claims to want to keep abortions “out of back allies” and medical privacy between doctor and patient (for abortions, VD, and trans-stuff only), are also against a law requiring doctors be involved. The presence of a doctor is exactly what separates a “back alley” from a real clinic.

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