53% Of Democrats Want Supreme Court Abolished

They should take the poll when Democrats get a big win, see how that goes, because Democrats seem to blow in the wind on how they support the way our system of government is set up

Majority of Democrats, young people want to abolish Supreme Court: poll

A majority of Democrat voters believe the Supreme Court is a racist, sexist institution that ought to be abolished, according to a new poll commissioned by the Heartland Institute. And in a clear threat to the court’s future, almost as many young people aged 19 to 39 feel the same way.

The national survey of 1,025 US voters split strongly down party lines, with 53% of Democrats in favor of abolishing the current Supreme Court and replacing it with a “new, democratically elected . . . court with justices chosen by the American people directly,” and 33% “strongly” in favor. Just 21% of Republicans and 38% of independents favored the proposition.

A majority (54%) of young people aged 19 to 39 wanted the court abolished. Overall, just 37% of total voters agreed, according to the Rasmussen poll conducted on July 6 and 7, almost two weeks after the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v Wade decision on abortion.

And 100% of these people are idiots. If they want to do this, try passing a Constitutional amendment. Of course, if they lose at the ballot box, they won’t like electing Supreme Court justices, either. Democrats say they love “democracy”, except when they lose, and then they caterwaul since 2000 about losing the election, and make up a BS narrative about Russia Russia Russia in 2016.

While 67% of Democrats believe the court is a “fundamentally sexist institution that favors men over women,” just 18% of Republicans and 36% of independents agreed.  (snip)

On the question of race, 56% of Democrats believe the court is “a fundamentally racist institution” compared to 14% of Republicans, 29% of independents and 34% of total voters.

Of course they do, because this is the world they live in. Everything is like this for them.

On the radical proposition of a constitutional amendment to give the United Nations the power to reverse Supreme Court decisions on decisions it believes violate human rights, fewer than half (47%) of Democrats were opposed, with 39% in favor with 11% undecided.

Among Republicans, 77% were opposed to UN oversight and 17% were in favor. Just 37% of total voters favored the idea, but young voters aged 19 to 39 were more positive, with 48% in favor, compared to 27% of those aged 40 to 64 and 9% of those aged over 64.

So, 39% of Democrats, 17% of Republicans, and 48% of young people are morons.

“What this poll shows is that a majority of Democratic voters are utterly delusional about public policy and completely out of step with the vision most Americans have of their country,” said Justin Haskins, the Heartland Institute’s Editorial Director.

“Not only do most Democrats now have radical opinions about alleged racism and sexism at the Supreme Court, but they also want to substantially pack the court and even abolish it in its existing form–reforms opposed by the vast majority of other demographics.” (snip)

“More than a half-century of liberals running America’s K-12 schools and colleges has clearly paid off,” said Haskins.

It’s just like the Talking Point about doing the Senate differently, because it’s not fair that small states have the same representation as large states. They do not understand the Constitution, and why the federal government, and the Legislative Branch, are set up that way. Schools failed them, as do news outlets, talking heads, and elected Democrats.

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10 Responses to “53% Of Democrats Want Supreme Court Abolished”

  1. coralstrawberrydiomedes8862 says:

    Teach the Dems DUD get a big win
    But the minority GOP party in the Senste refused to allow a vote
    Don’t you remember?

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Wow! Black Americans and women have lost faith in the Supreme Court. What a surprise.

    Three far-right morons were installed on the Supreme Court by King Moron of Mar-a-Lago, so yeah, people are unhappy with the Court today. We have five reactionaries reversing the will of the people. This current Supreme Court is seen as illegitimate by the people.

    American’s confidence in the Court has collapsed from 70% approval to 30-something% approval.

    The GOP had November wrapped up, but not so much now.

    • Dana says:

      Of course, the left were perfectly happy with the Court when they ruled in Roe v Wade, Planned Parenthood v Casey, Lawrence v Texas, and Obergefell v Hodges.

      Roe overturned the laws in 49 states, and Obergefell in 46 states, some of which were not just legislatively passed, but state constitutional amendments passed by the voters, six radicals “reversing the will of the people.”

    • david7134 says:

      You are not the will of the people. Then you go to your usual of how blacks have it as they must live in our country. All you do is cry about imagined wrongs.

  3. Carlos the Jackal says:

    Spoiled brats don’t like anyone telling them “No” is the problem.

  4. Up Yours says:

    What an insufferable cunt dowd is. Are you sure you’re not maureen dowd?

  5. DMarie says:

    We shouldn’t be all that surprised – their woke education, along with being raised by lefty Liberal parents and college indoctrination – growing up in a world where they actually believe it’s all about them. Makes me sick to see how this country is turning. Something has to be be done.

    • david7134 says:

      They are so dumb that they can’t understand that abortion is likely still legal in their state.

      Also, I wonder if the passage of Obama care resulted in the destruction of privacy, as the government now controls you and thus makes Roe a mute point as it was based on privacy.

  6. Jl says:

    Months ago they wanted to pack it, now want it abolished. Glad their consistent in their “beliefs”
    “Reversing the will of the people: . Um..hello-the Supreme Court is supposed to follow the Constitution, not the alleged “Will of the people”. You want the Will of the people? Pass a constitutional amendment guaranteeing abortion.

  7. Sarah says:

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