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Your Fault: Climate Crisis (scam) Could Damage Beer Production

The very fact that crop production, including for the ingredients to make beer, continues to stay high and even have record crops, is immaterial to Cult dogma. And that water isn’t disappearing. They have scary prognostications to make Yes, climate change could impact the production of beer Leaders from across the world are in Glasgow, […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful bit of nature that will soon be swallowed by the rising seas, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Lid, with a post on the FBI and NY Times cooperating to violate a journalist’s Constitutional rights.

Here We Go: News Outlets Start Saying Biden Can Do Little To Tame Rampant Inflation

It really was inevitable that the Credentialed Media would start attempting to defend Dementia Joe at some point. You have to know that if Trump was president, they would be raking him over the coals (behind paywall, you can read in full at Yahoo News) ‘No slam-dunk solution’: What can Joe Biden do to tame […]

Surprise: COP26 Second Draft Failing To Resolve Disputes

Why does this seem to happen every year? It always seems to go long as people who took long fossil fueled trips try and hammer out the details of forcing Other People to comply with the measures the Elites themselves won’t, meaning they get to hang out in nice locations for longer on the taxpayer […]

5th Circuit Court Provides Temporary Stay Against Brandon’s Vax Mandate

I must admit, I am intrigued by the part of the OSHA rule which says that the vaccinated do not need to wear a mask, since the vaccine provides protecting. But, overall, the authoritarian desire to force people to get vaccinated with a vaccine implemented under an emergency order, which hasn’t gone through the full […]

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