Here We Go: News Outlets Start Saying Biden Can Do Little To Tame Rampant Inflation

It really was inevitable that the Credentialed Media would start attempting to defend Dementia Joe at some point. You have to know that if Trump was president, they would be raking him over the coals (behind paywall, you can read in full at Yahoo News)

‘No slam-dunk solution’: What can Joe Biden do to tame soaring inflation?

Biden Brain SuckerPresident Joe Biden was just three minutes into his half-hour address at the Port of Baltimore earlier this week when he acknowledged the toll that soaring inflation is inflicting on many Americans.

Calling rising prices “one of the most pressing economic concerns of the American people,” Biden said the pain that many Americans are feeling is real.

“Everything from a gallon of gas to a loaf of bread costs more, and it’s worrisome,” he said as an orange sun set over the harbor. “Even though wages are going up, we still face challenges, and we have to tackle them. We have to tackle them head on.”

In reality, economists warn, there’s not much Biden can do to tame inflation.

“There’s no slam-dunk solution,” said Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics.

Does anyone think that would be the solution if Trump was still president? Most likely we would be seeing some inflation thanks to the spendapalooza in 2020 due to COVID, along with the supply chain issues and other things related to COVID shutdowns, because this is pretty much a worldwide thing, right? What Trump wouldn’t be doing is having a laser focus on passing huge bills that are all about pushing leftist, Big Government, authoritarian politics. The infrastructure bill would have been about infrastructure, not mostly about things that have nothing to do with infrastructure.

He wouldn’t be shutting down U.S. energy production. The U.S. was energy independent until Joe came into office. Joe is shutting down pipelines, denying permits for oil and natural gas, and wanting to replace them with solar and wind at some point in the future. Everything he’s doing is helping to raise the cost of energy, which pretty much leads to the rising cost of everything else.

He’d be focusing on dealing with the supply chain issues, getting the ports back in order. Doing things to free up the truckers. Enticing people to work as truckers for a time. Not running around pushing the horrible Build Back Better plan. Not pushing for tens of thousands of IRS agents who will be looking at the bank accounts of people who have certain yearly transactions (it doesn’t matter if it is $600 or $10K).

Economists attribute the rise in consumer prices over the past year to several factors, including supply chain breakdowns, labor shortages and a sudden burst of spending after widespread lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

See? That’s what you focus on. You use the lofty perch of the presidency to be positive, and focus on providing what help the government can to relieve the issues, not blow it off and work on other things, especially when citizens are thinking that the infrastructure bill and especially the BBB bill will not only not help their lives, but, hurt their lives.

Because the spike in inflation can be traced to the economic impact of COVID-19, the most important thing the Biden administration could do to tame inflation would be to get the pandemic under control, Zandi said.

“Until the pandemic recedes, inflation is going to be a problem,” he said.

Biden and his advisers understand that, Zandi said, and have taken steps such as making vaccines available to children as young as age 5 and requiring employees at large companies to be vaccinated or undergo weekly COVID testing. A federal appeals court has put the vaccine and testing requirement for employers temporarily on hold after attorneys general in at least 26 states challenged the rules.

Joe’s idea is to mandate vaccination, which only means companies will not hire above 99, and, perhaps, some will get down to 99 if they are close. It won’t help reduce inflation. Not at all. And pushing climate crisis scam measures, and certainly signing on to whatever comes out of Glasgow, won’t help.

Anyhow, it’s a long piece designed to say “don’t blame Joe.” And, to a degree, it’s not his fault. It’s the fault of China for releasing COVID19. No one is dumb enough to think this all happened because someone ate a bat or something at a wet market, right? Attempting to destroy the petroleum and natural gas sectors on purpose is something that is Joe’s fault. Reversing course would be a good start.

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10 Responses to “Here We Go: News Outlets Start Saying Biden Can Do Little To Tame Rampant Inflation”

  1. Hairy says:

    Domestic oil production hS doubled since Biden was elected The Keystone pipeline wod allow North American oilto be shipped to foreign markets and would increase gas prices in the USA
    If you want lower gas prices stop Petraeus from being exported

    • Jl says:

      Johnny-maybe stop getting your economic news from the back of your box of Cherrios.. Oil production is still down compared to the beginning of the year when Biden became President. You do realize that production and demand are two different things, correct?

    • L.G.Brandon says:

      No, it has not doubled. Pipelines, contracts and leases have been cancelled even with an increase of production. That has to do with future prices. The increase in gas/energy prices is due to out-of-control inflation caused by Brandon’s economic policies and deliberate assault on small and medium businesses because of the flu. Do you see prices in the near future going down?

      We, as an intelligent First world nation should be producing as much energy from as many sources as we can. There is no good economic or political reason not to other than to deliberately destroy the American energy sector and possibly the infrastructure along with it.

      If our leaders didn’t hate us we wouldn’t be in this position.

  2. Hairy says:

    Free market capitalists are always the first to demand BIG GOVERNMENT to fix their problems

    • L.G.Brandon says:

      That has to be the most ignorant statement since I’ve been reading this blog. Unless you think Pelosi, AOL, and the rest of the Democrat Party are all free market capitalists.

    • Jl says:

      Moron-it wasn’t free market capitalists that curtailed production, it was the Biden administration and big government along with the lingering effects of the pandemic. So please follow along and realize that if big government broke it, it’s probably going to take big government to fix it.

    • ruralcounsel says:

      Since Biden’s actions have helped cause the inflation, maybe he should have been more careful if he can’t stop it. I suspect if we just reversed most of Biden’s policies and decisions, inflation might simmer down.

    • Professor hale says:

      Only Leftists would call a demand for making big government stop causing inflation a “call for big government solution”.

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