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Your Fault: Bad Weather In Egypt Causes Scorpions To Sting Hundreds, Kill 3

Usually, when a story like this hits, people are like “oh, my goodness, that’s horrible!” Scorpions stung Saturday 453 citizens – killing three – living near the mountainous areas of Aswan as thundershowers hit the governorate pushing them to leave their nests#EgyptToday https://t.co/D8wh0bsjEA — Egypt Today Magazine (@EgyptTodayMag) November 14, 2021 The Cult of Climastrology’s […]

White House Acknowledges High Inflation, Claims Brandon’s Bills Will Bring It Down

This is become a theme, as multiple people in the #LetsGoBrandon administration, including Joe, when he can actually read his teleprompter, make the same claim White House economic director says ‘inflation is high,’ pledges Biden bills will bring it down White House National Economic Council Director Brian Deese acknowledged that “inflation is high and it’s […]

Agreement Reached At COP26, But, Actually Following Through Is In Doubt

Wow, it didn’t take long for people to start talking about the new agreement failing Nations reach climate change agreement in Glasgow but follow-through in doubt Negotiators from nearly every country on Earth reached an agreement Saturday evening at the United Nations Climate Change Conference to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming […]

NY Times Hot Take: Republicans Leading 2022 Mid-terms From Gerrymandered Maps

Here we go: Democrats are already setting the stage for a big loss in 2022 by blaming gerrymandered maps, forgetting that states that are run by Democrats are being gerrymandered in their favor. Outlets like the NY Times know that the Democrat voting foot soldiers are dumb enough to believe this, especially if repeated enough […]

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