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High Flying John Kerry Teases New Way To Fund ‘Climate Change’ Action

I’m sure there’s absolutely no reason to tell you to watch your wallet, right? Kerry teases coming announcements to finance climate change policy in developing nations Speaking during and immediately after a meeting of the High Ambition Coalition, a group of roughly 60 countries that advocate for the strongest possible policies to address climate change […]

If All You See…

…is an area flooded from too much Bad Weather, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Gen Z Conservative, with a post on the LGBFJB community.

NY Times Wonders If Classic Rock Songs Should Be Toppled Like Confederate Statues

It’s pretty understandable that the opinion section of the NY Times wants to mostly avoid what happened in Virginia and other states, leaving it to a few stories and “analyses” in the straight opinion sections, because they would then have to expose themselves to criticism for being an insane political party. Sort of Republican Ross […]

Who’s Up For Paying A Meat Tax To Solve The Climate Crisis (scam)?

Or, perhaps Warmists could all just stop eating meat, and leave the rest for the non-cult folks. Let’s start here Biden set to go after methane emissions on day 2 of Glasgow climate change conference President Biden lauded an agreement reached by more than 90 countries to cut methane emissions by 30 percent over the […]

Youngkin Wins Along With Plenty Of Republicans, Democrats Rage

So far as I’ve seen, Terry MaCauliffe has refused to concede. I’m sure the “Republicans stole the election!” talk is already going on Twitter and other social media outlets, which will be deemed just fine by Liberal media outlets Youngkin Beats McAuliffe, Clinching First Statewide Win In Virginia For Republicans Since 2009 Glenn Youngkin will […]

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