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Range Anxiety Is Biggest Obstacle To Getting And EV Or Something

That, and they cost way, way more than most people can afford Electric vehicles: ‘Range anxiety’ is the biggest hurdle for consumers at this point, Blink CEO explains President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill that was signed into law on Tuesday includes $7.5 billion for building out a network of charging stations to support the auto sector’s move to […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful tiny house which Everyone Else should be forced to live in, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Moonbattery, with a post on pronoun lunacy in New York.

King James Not Too Concerned About China’s Slavery

The wild part is that there are no Credentialed Media outlets who are taking Lebron James to task for his tepid, deflectionary response LeBron James: Enes Kanter’s ‘trying to use my name to create an opportunity for himself’ Enes Kanter passed Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James without exchanging a word during pregame warmups on […]

Bummer: Climate Crisis (scam) Makes Plague More Likely, Messes With Your Sleep

I blame the 25,000+ people who took fossil fueled trips to Glasgow for COP26 The Plague Is More Likely Now Thanks to Climate Change The risk of the plague spilling over from humans to animals in the western U.S. has increased since 1950 thanks to climate change, a new study has found. Importantly, the research gives valuable […]

A Tale Of Two Protests: One’s A Riot, The Other’s Mostly Peaceful

Remember back in the day when the Associated Press, along with most news outlets, were calling the violence, looting, arson, assault (including against police officers), and other criminal activity “mostly peaceful”? It’s a little different when people are “protesting” COVID authoritarianism ‘Orgy of violence’: Dutch police open fire on rioters Police opened fire on protesters […]

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