Range Anxiety Is Biggest Obstacle To Getting And EV Or Something

That, and they cost way, way more than most people can afford

Electric vehicles: ‘Range anxiety’ is the biggest hurdle for consumers at this point, Blink CEO explains

electric vehiclePresident Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill that was signed into law on Tuesday includes $7.5 billion for building out a network of charging stations to support the auto sector’s move to electric vehicles (EVs), a move that was praised by one CEO in particular.

The infrastructure bill is “so impactful,” Michael Farkas, CEO of Blink Charging (BLNK), an EV services company, said on Yahoo Finance Live (video above). “It’s going to allow us to put more charging stations in the ground. It will alleviate range anxiety that people feel, hey, can these electric cars go these distances, and will spark more buying, and then, again, additional investment in infrastructure.”

Of course he’s happy about it, because he’s making bank off of it. But, let’s say it was your birthday and everyone gave you some sort of cooking grill: would you be cooking a lot of steaks if they were $17.99 a pound?

Farkas contended that while range anxiety is the greatest obstacle to mass EV adoption, “it’s not a reality.”

“The fact of the matter is the average driver in the U.S. drives less than 40 miles a day,” Farkas explained. “We have EVs out there now with 200, 300, 400, and even 500 miles in range. It’s very rare that someone sits in a car and goes 400 or 500 miles on a single charge.”

Yes, on most days that is the case. I might not even drive 20-25 miles a day. Go to work, head to Planet Fitness after, drive home. Maybe a couple miles to get lunch. Seriously, I’m not even at 24,000 on my lease which ends in February. Even taking into account 2020, I’m only down about maybe 6,000 tops, since I usually do 10k or less a year. But, if I want to drive to NJ to visit the parents, head to the mountains or ocean, I don’t want to worry about charging, nor do I feel like spending $40K, $50k, or more on a car. If I won Powerball I’d think hard about getting an Acura RDX, top end Accord or CRV (maybe even Hybrid!) or Passport. Not the way I drive.

Anyhow, a lot of this article looks more like a paid advertisement than an article, and

Farkas noted that the increasing ubiquity of charging stations can only help put prospective EV buyers at ease. And the additional government investment will allow charging station companies to expand the reach of their networks.

Yeah, doesn’t matter when people cannot afford the vehicle. Let’s say you get 3% APR for 6 years for a $54k vehicle: that’s $820 a month. Who’s good with that?

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8 Responses to “Range Anxiety Is Biggest Obstacle To Getting And EV Or Something”

  1. JGlanton says:

    I make the LA to SF run quite often. E-cars can’t make that 7 hour run so they have to stop for 1-2 hours halfway through to get a charge. Over Thanksgiving that time will go way up because there will be long lines for charging stations. The well-heeled Tesla driver can stop at Harris Ranch and have a long lunch while charging. The last time I stopped there, the guy next to me at the bar was having a filet mignon and lobster dinner with a few cocktails while his car charged. I had a quick steak sandwich and was back on the road in 30min. There’s extra opportunity for throwing back a few drinks while your Tesla charges. Good thing they are self-driving or something.

  2. alanstorm says:

    “The fact of the matter is the average driver in the U.S. drives less than 40 miles a day,”

    Is anyone out there dim enough to consider this a valid point?

    I usually drive about that much – but sometimes I drive MUCH longer distances.

    So I would want to spend an hour or so recharging in the middle of my trip…why, exactly?

  3. Professor Hale says:

    Here’s an idea. Why don’t we just let people decide for themselves what the want to drive and stop turning it into a political issue. Oh, and electrical vehicle recharging “infrastructure” should be paid for by the industry that benefits from it, not from taxing gas vehicle drivers and even taxing people who don’t have cars at all.

  4. Explain This says:

    Expalin this: From the NY TIMES no less.

    The New York Times reported Saturday that Hunter Biden was part owner in an investment firm that was involved in a Chinese conglomerate’s $3.8 billion purchase of one of the world’s largest cobalt deposits in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Cobalt mines are pivotal in making batteries for those electric vehicles the Build Back Better Plan and Democrats are effectively hoisting on the American people through U.S. taxpayer dollars and government subsidies.

    Unwinding the twisting takes of moves, the Times reported Biden was a founding board member of BHR, which is the Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Company. It started up in 2013 while Joe Biden was vice president in former President Barack Obama’s White House.

    Three Americans including Hunter Biden controlled 30% of BHR, while the rest is owned or controlled by Chinese investors, including the Bank of China, the Times reported from Chinese regulators’ records.

    Biden must be really, really rich if he can afford 30 percent of nearly 4 billion dollars. Or perhaps he was just Daddies boy who at the time of the deal was VICE PRESIDENT OF THE STFU LITTLE PEOPLE OF AMERICA.

    Joe Biden is one of the most corrupt crime families in America. I guess Hunter finances it by selling his art which seems to be valued more than Picasso or Rembrandts. Talk about getting away with murder. Isn’t this Racist for the first family to be involved in swindling poor blacks who cannot afford electric cars?

    Don’t forget the kick back’s to the big man.

  5. Explain This says:

    An EV should allow you to drive around 200 miles before needing at least an hour’s charge. Tesla can do 90 percent in about 15-20 minutes at the right station. The next concept will be to build 180,000 charging stations while they replace gas stations.

    However, what the left cannot fathom is that outside of their concrete jungles or big cities for the simple-minded leftists who ignore their paradises are responsible for most of the global warming on the planet. Anywho. Outside these giant megalopolises is a whole new world of about 250 million people who have to drive long distances to do a whole lot with their lives.

    I doubt most of these leftists have ever seen a truck stop in the middle of nowhere that deals with 1000’s of customers per day and perhaps that many 18 wheeled trucks as well. Can you imagine the acreage needed to charge 1000 trucks and then to take care of perhaps 5,000 to 10,000 cars that are traveling?

    Of course, we know these leftists Mao-loving communists want to end the USA as we know it. They want to turn this into a METAVERSE.

    Let me explain just a bit in what big Tech and Big government wants to do to you the STFU citizen of the Corrupt states of America.

    IN China they have a version of the Metaverse set up which listens to your private conversations(Alexa, Echo Dot, Google anyone?)

    When you leave your apartment it uses facial recognition to follow you every step of your journey. If you Jaywalk or break any law you get a notice on your phone…Oh by the way everyone must own a PHONE are you listening (Samsung, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Nokia?) On the phone, you are notified the Government has fined you and removed the money from your bank account.

    Nothing is secret. Nothing is private in China. This is but a sampling of what the Metaverse wants to do to you controlled by the state and big tech companies that have one thing in mind. making the owners richer at the STFU LITTLE PEOPLE’s expense.

    That is what Zuckerberg want’s to do to you. The past couple of years have been a trial run for Big Tech. Now the real live stripping of your assumed right of privacy and the stripping of your constitutional rights and the stripping of your freedom begins.

    • L.G.Brandon says:

      I can’t understand why the leftists automatically assume “we” need to pay our taxes to build 180,000 EV charging stations all across America when we didn’t need to do that with gas stations. Also, why can’t chargers be placed in existing gas stations or is the whole idea to put these average working citizens who own them out of business? When there’s a need for EV chargers the entrepreneurs of America will build them. We don’t need no stinkin’ government telling us what to build and where to built it.

      Seems like they have focused on putting all these private gas station owners out of business for the sake of communist Chinese profits and Hunter’s retirement fund.

  6. L.G.Brandon says:

    Moonbattery just ran this sweet little tidbit:

    Democrats’ fanatical push to force us into economically inefficient electric cars that do not even benefit the environment is finally starting to make sense:

    Tesla drivers say they have been locked out of their cars after an outage struck the carmaker’s app. …

    The Tesla app is used as a key by drivers to unlock and start their cars.

    A regular key can also be used, but some drivers don’t carry them, assuming the app will always work. It would not be hard to imagine the app overriding the key.

    About 500 users reported an error on the app at around 16:40 ET (21:40 GMT) on Friday, according to the outage tracking site DownDetector.

    How convenient it would be for authoritarians to be able to control from a central location whether people are able to access their own vehicles.

    Self-driving cars open other possibilities. In the near future, your car may not take you where you want to go.

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