King James Not Too Concerned About China’s Slavery

The wild part is that there are no Credentialed Media outlets who are taking Lebron James to task for his tepid, deflectionary response

LeBron James: Enes Kanter’s ‘trying to use my name to create an opportunity for himself’

Enes Kanter passed Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James without exchanging a word during pregame warmups on Friday night, but the Boston Celtics center’s sneakers said more than enough.

One of Kanter’s sneakers featured James’ likeness being crowned by Chinese president Xi Jinping. The other read, “I am informed and educated on the situation,” a reference to James’ 2019 comments in the wake of then-Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey’s tweet in support of protests in Hong Kong.

That’s pretty much the whole of the NBA. And companies like Disney (Walt is rolling in his grave), which owns China loving ESPN, ABC (including the news division)

Following Friday’s 130-108 loss to the Celtics, James said he had not spoken to Kanter.

“I don’t give too many people my energy,” said James, who made his return from an abdominal strain that cost him the previous eight games. “He’s definitely not someone I would give my energy to. He’s trying to use my name to create an opportunity for himself. I definitely won’t comment too much on that. … He’s always had a word or two to say in my direction, and as a man, if you’ve got an issue with somebody, you really come up to him. He had his opportunity tonight. I saw him in the hallway, and he walked right by me.”

Oh, energy! But, not one damned word on China

Kanter’s sneakers are part of his season-long advocacy for human rights in China. He has worn different pairs every game in support of citizens of Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Xinjiang seeking sovereignty from Chinese rule. The custom sneakers have featured a host of pointed messages: “Free China,” “Taiwan belongs to the Taiwanese people,” “Free Hong Kong,” “Free Uyghur,” “No Beijing 2022,” “Stop genocide, torture, rape, slave labor,” “Stop organ harvesting in China,” “Close the camps” and “Modern-day slavery.”

And King James has nothing to say, because he and the NBA are beholden to the ruling communist party of China. For all his talk, and that of the NBA and so many players, about social justice, they don’t worry about big issues if it affects their own money, eh?

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  1. Hairy says:

    Teach for years you sold Chinese plastic in your phone stores.
    Wete you ever concerned about working for those commies?

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