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Good News: California To Make Homes More Expensive With ‘Climate Change’ Requirement

Just too be clear, there will be no “Hurricane Ida is climate doom” stuff, not unless I run into something really egregious, really pure moonbat. I’ve seen this all before, as have you. There’s nothing new in their doomsday fearmongering, and we all expected the climate cultists to link/blame Ida on Other People driving fossil […]

If All You See…

…is Extreme Weather from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is American Elephants, with a post on living in the golden age of stupidity.

Fauci Wants A COVID Vaccine Mandate For School Kids

Well, this is one way for Government to take power away from parents Fauci says COVID vaccination mandates for school children ‘good idea’ Dr. Anthony Fauci says he thinks it’s a good idea amid the surge in coronavirus cases, due to the highly contagious delta variant, to mandate COVID vaccinations for students to attend schools. […]

HHS Plans To Treat Climate Crisis (scam) As Public Health Crisis

Well, of course they will, gotta keep that cash flowing and get more involved in controlling citizen’s lives Climate Change to Be Treated as Public-Health Issue The Department of Health and Human Services is preparing to launch an office that will treat climate change as a public health issue, designed to address what the White […]

British Question Biden’s Mental Health, Warned Joe Hold’s Grudges

Joe’s doing a heck of a job in his first 8 months British Warned Biden ‘Holds Grudges’ After UK Govt Sources Say He’s Gone ‘Gaga’ Boris Johnson has been warned that Joe Biden “holds grudges” after members of the British government questioned his mental fitness following “completely mad” press briefings on Afghanistan. The warning follows […]

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