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WSJ: Climate Crisis Scam Has Destroyed Journalist Standards

It’s also destroyed scientific standards. Anyhow, it’s a shame this one is behind the firewall Climate Change Has Consumed Journalistic Standards Reporters used to be hard-bitten skeptics. Now they aspire to be part of the authoritative expert class. ‘Is this the end of summer as we’ve known it?” a New York Times headline asked the […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful Progressive big city at danger from sea rise, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Hayride, with a post on GOP senators betraying their voters once again.

The Solution To Eviction Bans Is Government, You Know

I’m actually surprised that landlords didn’t simply refuse to renew leases. They still have to pay their bills to the mortgage holder. In cases where things like water, power, and/or cable are included they still have to pay. Meanwhile, many tenants are working, buying cars, new phones, paying their cell phone bills, ordering meal delivery, […]

World Is On Brink Of Catastrophe From ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

The lastest UN IPCC doom piece is being released, so we get Major U.N. climate report warns of “extreme” and “unprecedented” impacts U.N. releases blistering assessment on the state of climate change Climate-related changes to Earth’s ice and oceans are now ‘irreversible for centuries to millennia,’ a new report says There are plenty more doomy […]

Iceland, Model For COVID Response, Sees Large Spike In Cases Among Vaccinated

Iceland was the media’s model for COVID response How Iceland hammered COVID with science How Iceland Beat the Coronavirus: The country didn’t just manage to flatten the curve; it virtually eliminated it. How Iceland clamped down to conquer coronavirus Finally! Study shows how Iceland model of early testing helped in dealing with coronavirus Now, understand, […]

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