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Warmist Asks What You Are Willing To Sacrifice To Stop Climate Doom

Excitable Matthew Yglesias does recognize an interesting dichotomy in Warmist beliefs What Are You Willing to Sacrifice to Stop Climate Change? Ours is a populist age, dominated not only by the anti-elitist posturing of Donald Trump and the Republican Party but also by a resurgent left that views “billionaire” as a dirty word. Many of […]

If All You See…

…is awful atmospheric carbon pollution taking away blue skies, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is No Tricks Zone, with a post on the UN’s climate numbers being contradicted by the UN’s climate numbers.

Scottish Government Looks To Make COVID Emergency Powers Permanent

See, this totally has everything to do with science, right? Right? The Scottish Government wants its emergency coronavirus powers to become permanent. https://t.co/EikdNcTIfm — STV News (@STVNews) August 17, 2021 From the link (photo via ZendoDeb) The Scottish Government wants its emergency coronavirus powers to become permanent – including the ability to order schools to […]

Climate Cult Wants Other People To Cool Their Consumerism

These are letters to the UK Guardian, and we see climate cultists pushing for government to restrict consumerism. Because you don’t see them voluntarily giving up their own Cooling consumerism could save the climate In Adam Tooze’s article (By pushing for more oil production, the US is killing its climate pledges, 13 August), he surmised […]

Afghanistan Fallout: China Tells Taiwan There’s A Lesson In The Fiasco

Well, it didn’t take long for Joe Hiden’s Afghanistan disaster to bear rotten fruit Chinese State Media Says Afghanistan a Lesson for Taiwan on How U.S. Abandons Allies The Global Times, a tabloid controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, warned Taiwan on Monday it could face the same fate as Afghanistan if it continued relying […]

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