Climate Cult Wants Other People To Cool Their Consumerism

These are letters to the UK Guardian, and we see climate cultists pushing for government to restrict consumerism. Because you don’t see them voluntarily giving up their own

Cooling consumerism could save the climate

In Adam Tooze’s article (By pushing for more oil production, the US is killing its climate pledges, 13 August), he surmised that economic activity and fossil fuel consumption are hardwired together. It may be more that economic activity and energy consumption are hardwired together – and thus the need to move to renewables or low-carbon energy sources. That must be part of the strategy, along with as yet unavailable technical solutions such as carbon capture.

However, we seem to tiptoe around the consumption part of any strategy. Lower consumption results in lower carbon emissions. The government has managed to exert strong influence over personal actions during the Covid pandemic using a myriad of three-word slogans. We need a similar push linked to consumption and climate change.

Not all of the loss of consumerism was caused by government restricting activities since COVID began, but, a good chunk of it is, including restriction to mine for the precious metals that are used in electronics. Warmists have a choice in restricting their own, but, they won’t. They’ll keep buying until Government says “no.” They’re very much climahypocrites and want government Authoritarianism.

Larry Elliott writes that China is responsible for 28% of global greenhouse gas emissions, with Britain, France and Italy each accounting for about 1% (Fairness will be key to successfully tackling the climate crisis, Journal, 12 August). A quick consideration of consumables in my home reveals the astounding number branded “Made in China”, from toothbrush and toothpaste via my morning radio to the fridge from which I take my breakfast yoghurt. This suggests to me a rather different allocation of responsibility; it is time to engage in the urgent political review of just how we in the west must change our addiction to cheap mass consumption and take action to assist China and India in reducing emissions.

And how do you assist them? Long ago when I started my first post-college job my boss said, in regards to offering ideas and plans, “if you’re complaining and not offering solutions you’re whining.” That’s what Warmists do: whine.

Larry Elliott correctly identifies the need for a different sort of political economy based around redistribution. He is also right that voters may be reluctant to accept personal restrictions if they are perceived to be unfair, and politicians wary of proposing them if they think they will be unpopular. Yet Labour have spent the last decade worrying about saying anything that might be unpopular and this has simply bred distrust in them (compared with the Tories, whom the electorate can be sure will lie to them).

Now is the time for politicians to be straight with the public, to act from moral conviction and empathy, not expediency, and to persuade us that we will all gain more than we will lose by flying less, eating less meat and requiring those who have more than they need to relinquish the surplus to those who have least.

By persuade, this letter means “force.” You don’t hear many Warmists say they’ve voluntarily done much of anything in their own lives. Kinda hard to redistribute what is not being produced in a Modern Socialist economy.

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4 Responses to “Climate Cult Wants Other People To Cool Their Consumerism”

  1. Hairy says:

    Is consumerism in America supporting the Chicoms
    Do you think Americans should buy less things that are made in China?
    The last time I beeded work t shirts I paid twice as much 9$ at Walmart for duckies t-shirts made in Kenya rather than lighter cheaper t-shirts made in China Part of tge reason I made this choice was political

  2. Kye says:

    If this clown is buying his toothpaste from China he had best check his mercury levels.

    So you bought from Kenya rather than China. How Admirable. You still refuse to Buy American though. You could have bought from The Classic T-Shirt Co., Authentically American, Tactical Pro Supply or Freedom Fatigues but you chose child labor from Kenya rather than slave labor from Communist China. How. Fuking. Nobel.

  3. Kye says:

    Since the Uniparty has spent decades driving American companies out from actually manufacturing in America buy taxing and regulating the shit out of them there are many consumer items we would be hard pressed to find not made in Communist China.

    I also try and shop and buy for “political” reasons (However, I don’t chose child labor over slave labor) but my political reasons are pro-American and I never buy from commie countries if it can be avoided. Just like I won’t buy from domestic companies run or owned by commies like Ben & Jerry’s. I also don’t buy from anti-White racists, BLM supporters or LGBTQZ%YFG supporters. I don’t like companies who inundate their customers with their own ideology or propaganda unless it is decidedly pro-American.

    It would really be nice to be able to shop without needing to do a fukin background check on every peddler you use but in this “global economy” one needs to be prudent lest we finance our enemies.

  4. est1950 says:

    Cooling consumerism could save the climate

    B I N G O ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Didn’t I say it? Haven’t I been saying it? To quote someone from Independence day.

    AGW is and always has been about Consumerism. The left is all about crushing the economy.

    I wonder what their plan is for everyone to feed themselves if they have NO JOBS?

    They will worry about that when they have crushed Fossil fuels, farmers and small businesses. I believe that large business is behind the desire to crush small businesses.

    but of course we all know that large business and corps are now in bed with their lefty buddies.

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