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Say, How Do We Protect The Internet From ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

They have a solution, though Can The Internet Be More Resilient To Climate Change? Some Are Banking On It Data has replaced oil as the world’s most valuable resource. But increasingly, our data is stored remotely “in the cloud” and climate change — challenging the resilience of the internet — puts access to our data […]

If All You See…

…are Evil fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The First Street Journal, with a post on Killadelphia.

Wake County Considering Mask Mandate

This should certainly help entice those who are vaccine hesitant to rush out and get the jabs, right? Wake County looks to join rest of Triangle on mask mandate Wake County mayors will meet Friday to discuss a mask mandate, according to Raleigh Mayor Mary Ann Baldwin. Baldwin said the mayors will meet at 10 […]

Hotcoldwetdry Is Causing Americans To Relocate Or Something

See, before the climate crisis (scam) Americans never relocated. Everyone pretty much stayed in the same place. There were no snowbirds Climate change is leading many Americans to look for new places to live In a year of mounting extreme weather disasters linked to climate change, more and more Americans say they are experiencing the adverse consequences of […]

MSNBC Seems Upset That Freedom Is Winning Over Chinese Flu Fascism

How dare you Americans choose to invoke Freedom! This makes MSNBC’s Zeeshan Aleem upset Why ‘Freedom’ Is Winning Out Over Covid It should be noted that MSNBC keeps changing the headline. The above is what Real Clear Politics pulled this morning. It now reads with subhead Republicans ignored Covid to protect Trump. Now they’re motivated […]

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