CNN Hottake: Republicans Aren’t Blocking Democrats Federal Takeover Of Voting Because It’s A Horrible Bill

You are expecting an unhinged, moonbat screed as Stephen Collinson provides “analysis” on the Democrats terrible, no good bill on voting “reform”, trying to shift Blame to Republicans. Because CNN doesn’t do news

The real reason Republicans are blocking voting rights legislation

Republicans justify their plan to block sweeping voting rights legislation in the Senate this week by arguing that it’s a huge federal power grab. But their past words and actions suggest they are again prioritizing their own political advantage over defending democracy.

We aren’t a democracy at the federal level. But, see, Collinson is trying to shift away

When former President Donald Trump lost last year’s election, most Republicans didn’t do what most losing parties do — agonize over how to modify their message and appeal to a majority to deliver them future power.

Instead, party leaders in Washington and the states dedicated themselves to enshrining his anti-democratic behavior as GOP orthodoxy and whitewashing events that led to Trump’s disgrace, including his pandemic failures, lies about non-existent major electoral fraud and the Capitol insurrection.

Instead of examining why voters rejected the ex-President after a single term, Republican state legislators drew up bills rooted in his falsehoods about a stolen election that could make it easier to install their preferred victor after future elections — even if voters decide otherwise.

Trump got over 70 million votes, way more than Obama received. That Biden got over 80 is unbelievable. But, see, Democrats like Collinson are upset that Republican states would codify rules to keep elections honest. The lies about laws like the one passed in Georgia and their hatred of making sure that there is one vote one person and that person is, in fact, that person, are unacceptable to Democrats.

It is in this context that GOP senators this week are expected to block Democratic moves effectively designed to protect a democracy under near-unprecedented assault.

Not a democracy. And said bill, HR1, violates the Constitution in that states would not be allowed their own laws.

It is perfectly valid for Republicans to raise objections to the “For the People Act,” which already passed the House and which Democrats are now trying to pass in the Senate. The overhaul bill restores voting rights and expands access to the ballot by introducing automatic voter registration, protecting mail-in voting and establishing nationwide standards for early voting. The idea that this is an overly expansive use of federal power to dictate rules of state elections deserves serious debate. New campaign finance reform proposals included in the bill may face legal impediments. And it’s not clear a one-size-fits-all mandate works everywhere. Some states already believe their systems are superior to anything Washington could impose. Critics also question whether Washington will properly fund a huge overhaul of the election system.

Yeah, it’s a federal takeover, and violates the 1st Amendment in multiple ways, Article 1, Sections 2 and 4 on election control, and many more

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Sunday that he would schedule a vote on Tuesday on opening debate on voting rights. Republican senators are expected to use the filibuster rule requiring a 60-vote majority for major bills to choke off discussion about voting reform.

Ahead of the showdown, Republican senators on Sunday mobilized to also snuff out a compromise measure from moderate Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, which surprised many on his side of the aisle last week.

He doesn’t even get the filibuster correct, in that it is used to keep from moving from debate to a vote on the legislation. Republicans surely want a debate on how bad HR1 is, how it is a federal takeover of the national election system, how it enshrines cheating, and how it is plainly unconstitutional. Even Manchin’s bill, which seems “common sense”, is unconstitutional. Democrats want to be able to cheat, and want to be able to set the rules. Pass Mancin’s bill and Congress will slowly add more and more laws to it.

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4 Responses to “CNN Hottake: Republicans Aren’t Blocking Democrats Federal Takeover Of Voting Because It’s A Horrible Bill”

  1. est1950 says:

    Most people understood at the time why Trump and the GOP screamed.

    There was a clear message sent in 2020.

    Trump garnered more votes than anyone in history.
    Biden garnered more votes than anyone in history including Trump and OBAMA.

    Obama was the most popular election choice ever in the history of ever for presidential elections and Biden Stomped him into the ground.

    Why this happened is oft forgotten as the Lying media attempts to rewrite history.

    The reason it happened was because of the covid-19 pandemic which encouraged states. Especially blue states to mail out millions upon millions of UNSOLITICITED VOTES to people that no longer lived in that state, were dead or had moved.

    The result was millions and millions of ballots just waiting to be harvested and stuffed into mailboxes.

    This is the single reason why for the first time the actual vote counting process was brought under a magnifying glass by the right. The fact the GOP picked up 14 seats in the house during a time in which Biden TROUNCED TRUMP was the biggest indicator something was seriously wrong with the voting of 2020.

    This……IS………….WHY……..The GOP do not accept the results of the 2020 election and voter fraud is WHY Stacy Abrams of the Democratic party still does not accept the results of the 2018 Governors election in Georgia. 2020 exposed what we have all known.

    voter fraud is alive and well in the USA and needs to be addressed by each state’s legislature as per the CONSTITUTION…not a sweeping power grab by the FED that will ultimately bite the Democrats in the ass as trump is already polling 39 percent with hispanics and 19 percent with blacks.

    These are numbers which is historically reached has been announced by the Democrats that they would never win another national election. Now you know why the democrats want the federal government in charge of elections. It has nothing to do with voter fraud or voter suppression.

  2. alanstorm says:

    The real reason Republicans are blocking voting rights legislation

    Because it’s unconstitutional.

    “CNN – the LEAST trusted name in news”

    Once again, they invite the question “Are they that stupid, or do they simply know that their audience is that stupid?”

    • Professor Hale says:

      “… because it’s unconstitutional”.

      Never stopped them before. They will just keep floating it until it passes or keep signing executive orders, or keep running it to favorite activist judges until they get the answer they want. Then and only then does it become “Settled Law”.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    William Teach: Trump got over 70 million votes, way more than Obama received. That Biden got over 80 is unbelievable.

    Teach is confused again. Trump ran against President Biden, not President Obama. Imagine the electoral slaughter if Trump HAD run against Mr Obama!!!

    Obama/Biden 2008: 69,498,516
    Obama/Biden 2012: 65,915,795
    Clinton/Kaine 2016: 65,853,514 (Trump/Pence 2016: 62,984,828)
    Biden/Harris 2020: 81,268,924 (Trump/Pence 2020: 74,216,154)

    Biden 2020 received 15 million more than Clinton 2016. Trump 2020 received 11 million more than Trump 2016. It seems there was more motivation to vote in 2020 than in 2016. Why does Teach think that is? (Hint: Check Trump’s favorables).

    Teach continues to push the unsupported conspiracy tale (The Big Lie) that somehow trump won the 2020 election. Is Teach Q???

    Question for est: If the Dems were able to steal the presidential election, why didn’t they steal the House and Senate votes?

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