NASA’s Interest In Venus Is All About Your Evil Burger Habit

If only you hadn’t taken a fossil fueled trip to get that burger the climate would be totally stable and we wouldn’t have Bad Weather

NASA’s sudden interest in Venus is all about climate change

Recently, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson announced that the space agency will send not one but two robotic probes to Venus under the Discovery program. The probes are DAVINCI+ and VERITAS. The two probes, which are due to be launched by the end of the 2020s, will be the first dedicated NASA missions to the second planet from the sun in decades. Why Venus and why now? (snip)

Nobody is anxious to visit the surface of Venus anytime soon. Venus is a hell world with an atmosphere composed of carbon dioxide and clouds of sulfuric acid. The average surface temperature is roughly 900 degrees Fahrenheit. The atmospheric pressure on the surface of Venus is 90 times that of the Earth’s surface. Robotic probes that have landed on Venus, such as the Soviet Venera, have lasted hours before being crushed and cooked by the extreme conditions.

The reason for NASA’s sudden decision to send probes to Venus has to do with the Biden administration’s new priority of studying and doing something about climate change. NASA scientists have concluded that for the first 2 billion years of its existence, Venus was remarkably like Earth, with oceans and perhaps life of some sort. However, a runaway greenhouse effect occurred that eventually created the planet that Venus is today.

Live Science suggests that, while the scientific community holds to a growing consensus that current climate change on Earth is driven by human action, mainly by carbon dioxide emitted by power plants and automobiles, natural processes can also cause the phenomenon. The sun’s output and changes in the Earth’s axial tilt can affect climate. How much climate change is caused by human activity and how much is caused by natural processes will inform public policy responses to the phenomenon.

Yeah, they actually do think that Mankind is going to turn Earth into Venus, or at least Venus-like. I don’t have to explain how insane/cult this is, right?

Venus provides a model of how climate change can occur entirely due to natural processes. No one thinks that ancient Venusians caused the phenomenon with SUVs and fossil fuel plants. Hence, NASA is sending two robotic probes that will delve into the mechanisms that changed Venus from an Earth-like world to the uninhabitable mess that it is today. The space agency describes what the two probes will do.

So, then why are they linking this to anthropogenic climate change/crisis/emergency if Venus is all natural?

Climate scientists, like all scientists, are hungry for more data. Venus provides another opportunity to understand what causes climate to change besides studying the process on Earth. With more data at hand, public policy decision makers will be better able to enact laws and regulations that will moderate climate change on Earth without tanking the economy. “Follow the science” is often used as a political slogan. But it is a sound practice so long as the science is backed up by data.

Oh, that’s why, so they they can slap you with taxes and limit your freedom and choice because a planet much closer to the Sun went hellhole around 2.5 billion years ago naturally.

BTW, what happens if (and when) they figure out that most of the climactic changes on Earth are from natural processes? Will they let us know, or hide the data and conclusions?

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4 Responses to “NASA’s Interest In Venus Is All About Your Evil Burger Habit”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    William Teach relies on a conservative opinion writer from the right-leaning The Hill to suggest that the current bout of global warming could be all natural.

    The only comment in the announcement related to “global warming” was:

    “Using cutting-edge technologies that NASA has developed and refined over many years of missions and technology programs, we’re ushering in a new decade of Venus to understand how an Earth-like planet can become a hothouse. Our goals are profound. It is not just understanding the evolution of planets and habitability in our own solar system, but extending beyond these boundaries to exoplanets, an exciting and emerging area of research for NASA.”

    Whittington stretched that, but he’s entitled to his opinion. Whittington is of the opinion that the NASA probes are without scientific merit and other projects could be more important, and he’s entitled to his opinion.

    What if they find out life originated on Venus, that an advanced culture of aliens left Venus for Earth, died in the process but left traces of organic molecules enough to start the evolution of life on Earth? Or maybe even bacteria? As a science-fiction writer Whittington should be excited regarding that prospect.

  2. Conservative Beaner says:

    Of course Venus is hotter, it’s closer to the sun. Same goes for Mercury.

    Mystery solved.

  3. john says:

    Where were you Teach during high school physics class? And you also Beaner
    The average temp on planet Mercury is about 1/2 that of Venus because with little atmosphere the dark side of Mercury cools down to – 300 degrees quickly

    It is the warming effect of CO2 that keeps Venus warm not its distance from the Sun
    For far too many people, political prejudices trump basic scientific knowledge, they believe things not because of science but simply because they WANT to believe

    • JimS says:

      Where were you? No one knows the initial conditions on Venus. It could have been even hotter in the past. It’s thick atmosphere is a good insulator, regardless of it’s composition. Then there’s the slow rotation rate. It’s insane to draw close comparisons between Earth and Venus. There’s as much political prejudice from the left who also belive what they want to believe.

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