Bummer: Australia’s New Deputy PM Will Put A Spike In The Climate Crisis (scam) Agenda

Australia has long been an interesting country to watch when it comes to the climate crisis scam. Voters say they want action, but, when it comes to actual elections and doing something, the voters will turn around and reject that. Remember, the 2012 Queensland elections were so bad for the party that implemented all sorts of climate crazy rules that they ended up losing so many members that they were no longer considered a recognized party

Australia’s new deputy PM casts shadow over 2050 net zero emissions ambition

A climate change sceptic will be Australia’s new deputy prime minister after a leadership revolt in the coalition government’s minor party, making it harder for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to achieve a commitment of zero net emissions by 2050.

Australia’s reliance on coal-fired power makes it one of the world’s largest carbon emitters per capita, but its conservative government has steadfastly backed the country’s fossil fuel industries, arguing tougher action on emissions would cost jobs.

Morrison in recent months has been softening his position saying Australia wants to achieve net zero emissions as soon as possible, “preferably” by 2050, but that technology must lead the way not political targets.

Climate change sceptic Barnaby Joyce, who was deputy prime minister from 2016 to 2018 but resigned after an extramarital affair with a former staffer, won a National party leadership vote on Monday defeating incumbent Michael McCormack.

By convention, the leader of the rural-based National party becomes deputy prime minister in a Liberal-National government.

Morrison was trying to take a soft approach, rather than the tax the heck out of people and limit their freedom and choice agenda from most Warmists in power. Joyce will be a massive roadblock to even that soft approach if it encroaches on freedom and choice.

Joyce’s assent is likely to derail Morrison’s hope of strengthening Australia’s climate targets amid a concerted push by U.S. President Joe Biden for countries to commit to a pledge of zero net emission by 2050.

“Barnaby Joyce has made it known that he wants the National party to be independent and there won’t be any room for compromise on net zero by 2050,” said Haydon Manning, a political science professor at Flinders University in South Australia.

And well he should take that agenda, because ‘climate change’ is pretty much a scam. Seriously, Warmists are so unhinged that they’re fine with destroying the environment for their cult

Green groups fume as Canberra rejects world’s biggest renewables project

Canberra has rejected an application to build the world’s biggest renewable energy project in an Australian desert, infuriating groups hoping the government would take a more aggressive stance against climate change.

The government warned that the A$50bn green hydrogen export project threatened sensitive wetland areas and migratory bird species.

The decision represents a U-turn by Canberra, which last year supported fast tracking construction of the Asian Renewable Energy Hub on a 6,500 sq km site in a remote region in Western Australia.

“The minister concluded that the proposal would have unacceptable impacts on matters of national environmental significance,” said a spokesman for Sussan Ley, Australia’s minister for environment, on Monday.

The green groups would rather have solar and wind farms than protect the wetlands and birds. Especially since they are far away from the big cities where the climate cultists live so they don’t have to look at the blight on the land.

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2 Responses to “Bummer: Australia’s New Deputy PM Will Put A Spike In The Climate Crisis (scam) Agenda”

  1. est1950 says:

    Researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) say that the conditions in the tropical Pacific now qualify to be considered El Niño.

    The NOAA announcement comes after atmospheric conditions shifted. For the region to be experiencing El Niño, three things need to happen: the surface of the ocean needs to be more than 0.5°C above the long-term average, this temperature needs to hold up for several seasons, and finally, the Walker atmospheric circulation needs to diminish. This means more rains need to happen over the central Pacific than in South-East Asia.

    Based on the forecasts, we shouldn’t expect a strong El Niño, like in 2016. Everything suggests that the one this year is going to be much weaker and less influential.

    *****By the way this was written in 2019. Notice the shorter length of El Nino. Water is quickly turning cooler leading to a La Nina.******

    In addition, NOAA said there is a 75% chance La Niña will persist through the winter. Most computer models agree, suggesting La Niña will last through at least February 2021. “The forecaster consensus supports that view and favors a borderline moderate event during the peak November-January season,” NOAA said in its outlook.

    How did this work out for NOAA?

    La Niña has been in place since summer 2020. As La Niña has slowly weakened over the last few months, forecast models have been hinting that ENSO Neutral (near normal water temperatures in the Central Pacific) would form.

    We are now in an ENSO neutral period. A time in which the ocean is not warm or cold. A time in which the end of the world in 10 years should see the oceans boiling. Yet we have a Neutral period driven by the lack of sunspots.

    NO SUNSPOTS mean? Cooler temperatures.

    What does LA NINA bring to the USA. HOT Temperatures and less moisture. Get ready for a long, dry 40 years as we reach the Grand Solar minimum in the next 11 years. The USA should begin water rationing today since we are already facing water shortages due to terrible water management by states and municipalities. California lets their water run to the ocean so they can save the sea bed life in the bays. Crazy. Just go read about it if you want to know more.

    We are asked. This is the advice we give. A grand solar minimum is upon us. The oceans are in a neutral phase leading to hotter and drier conditions around the world. No brainer folks. Don’t listen to the climate nazi’s. Follow the science.

    Climate change has nothing to do with the hot, dry coming 20-40 years. Our natural variation of weather does.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    Australia should get out of the way on this awesome initiative. Let all those people who think this is a good idea, invest their own money into it, without government subsidies. Then the warmists can laugh all the way to the bank when their investment and foresight pays off.

    I hear there are new banking apps now where millennials and artists can invest their tuppence in “green” companies. That should do it.

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