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LA County Tells Ambulance Crews Not To Transport Those With Little Chance Of Survival

Is Los Angeles County looking for lawsuits? Because this is the way you get lawsuits Ambulance crews told not to transport patients who have little chance of survival The situation in Los Angeles County hospitals is so critical that ambulance crews have been advised to cut back on their use of oxygen and to not […]

The Earth Is Spinning Faster Than Anytime In the Past 50 Years

Science stuff is cool. Just wait till you get to the end The Earth is spinning faster now than at any time in the past half century If 2020 felt like a drag, you may be surprised to discover it actually went faster than you thought … and this year is set to be even […]

If All You See…

…are wonderful carbon sucking trees, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Knuckledraggin My Life Away, with a post on the results of releasing people from jail early due to COVID.

Proud Boys Leader Arrested For Burning BLM Flag

The politicized, dual justice system at work Proud Boys leader arrested on charges related to burning of Black Lives Matter banner, police say Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio was arrested Monday afternoon in Washington, D.C., shortly after landing in the nation’s capital to attend rallies protesting President Donald Trump’s loss in November’s election. Tarrio, 36, was on a phone call […]

Massachusetts Pledges To Go On Greenhouse Gas Diet Or Something

This is a great pledge. Citizens are pledging to give up their fossil fueled vehicles. The government is going to stop using fossil fueled trucks and buses. They’re going to get rid of all their airports. No more fossil fueled boats will be allowed at the harbors….oh, wait Mass. Is Going On A Greenhouse Gas […]

Surprise: There’s More Evidence COVID Came From Lab Not Wet Market

One has to wonder why the Credentialed Media worked so hard to protect China from accusations that they intentionally or unintentionally released Bat Soup Virus from a laboratory. Was it just because they wanted to be contradictory from what Trump was saying? Is it because they’re beholden to China, much like the NBA and Disney […]

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