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A New Year’s Prediction Challenge For Climate Alarmists

Happy New Year’s! Welcome to 2021, and a new decade. And one year closer to End Of Life As We Know it. 2150 and 2200 are fast approaching, the primary dates that the climate alarmists always want to use to denote when Earth is going to burn, baby, burn in fire, dan dan daaaan, fire, […]

If All You See…

…are horrible carbon pollution driven storm clouds, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Bunkerville, with a post on Portland, the new Venezuela.

Trump Admin Votes Against UN’s Israel Hatred Agenda

One thing you can say about the Trump administration, they’ve come out hard in favor of our ally Israel over the past four years. And they continue to do that In Late Trump Salvo, US Rejects UN Budget Over Israel, Iran President Donald Trump’s outgoing administration on Thursday fired a late salvo against the United […]

Wonder Woman 1984 Is All About Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something

This is, again, what is called Climarette’s, similar to Tourette’s, but, while the latter is a natural disorder, the former is driven by mental illness from the beliefs of a doomsday cult, where they just cannot help dragging their cult into everything ‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Patty Jenkins Says the Movie Is Secretly About ‘Climate Change’ […]

COVID “Model” California Now A Massive Mule Fritters Show Of Contagion

Remember when so many states wanted to follow the California model? How the media said California, a state run lock, stock, and barrel by Democrats, was Doing It Right when it came to bat soup virus? All the lockdowns, restrictions, police arresting people out and about who weren’t anywhere near another human being? You know […]

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