Wonder Woman 1984 Is All About Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something

This is, again, what is called Climarette’s, similar to Tourette’s, but, while the latter is a natural disorder, the former is driven by mental illness from the beliefs of a doomsday cult, where they just cannot help dragging their cult into everything

‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Patty Jenkins Says the Movie Is Secretly About ‘Climate Change’

The director of Wonder Woman 1984, Patty Jenkins, recently spoke about the real meaning behind her 2020 film. According to the filmmaker, the new Wonder Woman movie has to do with climate change.

“I wanted to do a full-blown Wonder Woman movie,” Jenkins recently told The New York Times about the 2020 sequel. “But what I really wanted to talk about was what I was feeling is happening in the world.”

While at first glance, Wonder Woman 1984 is a comic-book movie without much to say about current events, Jenkins claims: there’s more under the surface. However, she was hesitant to admit her vision behind the film in the interview.

“Not to get too heavy about it — I don’t want people to even know it’s about climate change,” Jenkins revealed to The Times. “But we’re about to lose this world.”

Bet you’re super excited to watch it now, eh? Reminds me of the movie The Predator, the recent one with Olivia Munn. The pulled that same card, and the movie tanked. It’s actually not bad, right up to near the end where they yap about Hotcoldwetdry. If forgot about it when I re-watched it last week. Massive eye roll. So, it’s no wonder Jenkins wanted to keep this quiet, because it would ruin the box office, and, really, does anyone want their climate cult lectures during COVID?

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One Response to “Wonder Woman 1984 Is All About Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    I’ll see WW84 when it comes on free television. I think it’s on HBO already, but we don’t subscribe to HBO.

    Since Wonder Woman is immortal, and the producers want to make a big deal about global warming climate change, maybe the next movie should be Wonder Woman 2084, when, apparently, the Earth will resemble Venus.

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