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Climate Cult Has Ideas For China Joe’s First 100 Days

Interestingly, none of the suggestions in this piece or others recommend going after India and Joe’s buddies in China. Anyhow, this piece is by Marc Yaggi, “the executive director of Waterkeeper Alliance, a worldwide network of more than 350 environmental advocacy groups that protect over 2.75 million square miles of rivers, lakes and coastal waterways […]

If All You See…

…are wonderful low carbon bikes, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Bunkerville, with a post wondering if the government’s Internet kill switch will be used.

Unhinged: Democrats Consider Expelling Republicans From House Over Election Resistance

The Sore Winners continue to be Sore Winners….though, when it comes to the House, they lost a lot of seats Yes, it’s the 14th Amendment, and it’s why I’m introducing a resolution to investigate and expel the members who attempted to overturn the presidential election and incited a white supremacist coup attempt. If you agree, […]

Oil Companies “Challenge China Joe” By Stockpiling Drilling Permits

Really, I don’t think this is so much “challenging China Joe” as just understanding good business, and something they’ve done for a long time. But, climate cultists and their compatriots have to make it seem as if there is a challenge to their god, the State Oil companies stockpile drilling permits, challenging Biden on climate […]

Sore Winner Party To Voted On Trump Impeachment On Wednesday

Democrats were sore losers for 4 years under Trump (and 8 years under Bush), and are now sore winners. Nothing makes these people happy. But, hey, #Unity, right? Pelosi: Democrats will move to impeach Trump House Democrats will stage a vote to impeach President Trump for encouraging mob violence at the Capitol on Wednesday, Speaker […]

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