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Capital Mostly Peaceful Protest Beginning Of Insurgency Or Something

I don’t really have to say yet again that I do not condone the violence that happened, but, when you call people you disagree with Nazis and White Supremacists and raaaaacists and such for years, then conduct an election that is full of, let’s call them, irregularities, which can’t be explained and are not explained, […]

If All You See…

…is horrible carbon pollution infused beer, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is IOTW Report, with a post noting Pelosi hasn’t sent the impeachment papers to the Senate.

Hot Take: “The Capital Riots Highlighted Corporations’ Hypocrisy On Climate Denialism”

That’s the actual headline at MSNBC on the front page The headline in story is slightly different, but, either way, same screed. The Cult of Climastrology is finally finding their groove in blaming/linking ‘climate change’ for the riots (MSNBC) Last month, I co-published an article with the newsletter Popular Information exposing six corporations that “talk green […]

Tigers Are Attacking Indians More Because Of ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Well, it was either blaming attacks (which have always happened. Indians have known of this long enough to wear mask on the backs of their heads, so tigers think someone is looking at them) on ‘climate change’, the patriarchy, or white supremacy, which seem to be the usual wells news outlets like Reuters go to […]

Lindsay Graham Releases Trove Of Russia Russia Russia Documents

Interestingly, I’m not finding this at any of the Big Media outlets, and not that many smaller outlets. One would think this would be rather important and newsworthy, would one not? Graham releases Russia probe docs, slams original investigation as ‘incompetent, corrupt’ Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham on Friday released a slew of additional […]

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