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Bad News, Folks: ‘Climate Change’ Is Not Wiping Out Pikas

They’re actually doing just fine, the cute little buggers Pikas are adapting to climate change remarkably well, contrary to many predictions Climate change is harming many special places and iconic species around our planet, from Glacier National Park’s disappearing glaciers to California redwoods scorched by wildfires. But for the animal I study, the American pika (Ochotona princeps), there’s […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful low carbon carriage, perfect for replacing fossil fueled travel, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Flopping Aces, with a post on this being the violence the left asked for.

Michelle Obama Seems Upset About This Whole “Desecrating The Center Of American Government” Thing

Desecrating is a hell of a word to use, eh? ‘They desecrated the center of American government’: Michelle Obama Former first lady Michelle Obama responded to Wednesday’s riots at the Capitol in a blistering statement a day later, saying her “heart had fallen harder and faster than I can remember.” (snip) “In just a few […]

Your Fault: Cities Are Becoming Ovens From ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Yeah, yeah, we know all about what you do daily. Taking long showers, using more than two sheets, having sausage with your breakfast, driving your fossil fueled vehicle to work, having a burger for lunch. All your fault! Climate Change Is Turning Cities Into Ovens A new model estimates that by 2100, cities across the […]

Are You Ready For New Lockdown With New COVID Strains?

Real concern or just looking for more reasons to continue controlling citizens around the world? New COVID ‘Super Strains’ Could Disrupt Life Again After 10 months of masks, social distancing, virtual school, fear for vulnerable loved ones, and loneliness, this is the news no one wanted to hear: The virus that causes COVID-19 has changed — […]

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