Proud Boys Leader Arrested For Burning BLM Flag

The politicized, dual justice system at work

Proud Boys leader arrested on charges related to burning of Black Lives Matter banner, police say

Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio was arrested Monday afternoon in Washington, D.C., shortly after landing in the nation’s capital to attend rallies protesting President Donald Trump’s loss in November’s election.

Tarrio, 36, was on a phone call with a USA TODAY reporter when the call was interrupted by loud sirens. He joked that “They’re for me,” and then, sounding confused, asked the driver of the car he was riding in to pull over. Tarrio told the reporter, “Here’s something to write about,” before hanging up the call.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police Department said Tarrio was arrested and charged with destruction of property in connection with an incident last month where Tarrio set fire to a Black Lives Matter banner after a Trump rally. The banner had been taken from a historic Black church.

Tarrio later boasted about it on social media. Officials said Tarrio, who is a convicted felon, was arrested while in possession of two high-capacity firearm magazines and was additionally charged with “Possession of High Capacity Feeding Device.”

I’m in no way a fan of the Proud Boys. Exactly the opposite. But, let’s consider that the BLM protesters have been allowed to run roughshod over the District Of Columbia for a goodly chunk of this year. Arson, mayhem, assault, property destruction, vandalism, harassment, criminal intimidation, and so much more. They were allowed to paint BLM and other stuff on the streets with no government response. Those few arrested, even for assaulting law enforcement and private citizens, have mostly been let go, charges dropped.

In this case, the D.C. police literally sent officers to arrest him for burning a banner. Were they tracking him? How’d they know he just flew in and what car he was in? Further, he had no firearm, just some magazines, and that’s illegal? He should not have taken and burned the banner, that was wrong, but, you can see a dual, politicized justice system here.

On the social media site Parler, favored by the Proud Boys, Tarrio’s followers expressed anger and frustration at the news of his arrest.

“They are going to try there hardest to STOP PATRIOTS from getting into DC” one user wrote.

The arrest of Tarrio will likely have implications for a slew of protests planned for the capital on Wednesday. Local law enforcement officials are already on high alert and Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser warned residents to avoid the downtown area during the protests. She said she is evaluating whether a curfew is necessary to discourage violence, according to local media reports.

There is an attempt to stop people from using their 1st Amendment Rights. Keep the Democratic Party supporting people in BLM and Antifa away and there won’t be violence.

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7 Responses to “Proud Boys Leader Arrested For Burning BLM Flag”

  1. Dana says:

    Yes, they were targeting him, but it’s also true that he stole that Black Lives Matter banner. We certainly complained about the leftist riots destroying other people’s property, so we can’t combitch when a conservative, no matter how correct he was, steals and burns someone else’s property.

  2. The Left Are Traitors says:

    Let me see…. the BLM/Antifa leftists burned 26 cities, tore down dozens of statues, burned down hundreds of private homes and businesses, graffitied thousands of people’s private property, assaulted/raped and murdered several Americans PLUS burned hundreds of American flags and somehow the Proud Boys now are even by burning one BLM flag? You are kidding, right?

    We cannot vote our way our of this encroaching tyranny they defraud the vote. We can’t negotiate with leftists they won’t give one single fukin inch. They own the courts now, the media and I don’t need to enumerate all the institutions they control do I? The only way to beat them is top USE THEIR TACTICS REMORSELESSLY LIKE THEY DO. Two can play “At any cost” as well as one. It’s our turn to burn and rob and beat and kill like they’ve been doing for years. Once they nullified the “fair election” they drove us to violence. If we can’t vote our way out of this ongoing tyranny we have to shoot our way out.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      Did BLM/antifa really assault, rape and murder several Americans without being investigated?

      You and yours are trying to nullify the fair election and now you sound like an abusive spouse blaming the victim for making you abuse them!! You were driven to violence!

      Donald Trump LOST the election. No credible evidence has been presented to contradict that outcome. You lost an election and now want to “shoot your way out”.

      You’re expressing more violent ideation with each passing day. Is it because it’s clear trump lost the election bigly, and will have to leave in a couple of weeks?

      If you can’t vote your way out you’ll shoot your way out. Listen to yourself. You’re part of a violent minority with no understanding of America.

      • The Left Are Traitors says:

        There’s plenty of credible evidence like signed affidavits, eye witness testimony and plenty more AS YOU ARE WELL AWARE but since you commies now control the courts they can’t seem to see the light of day.

        My frustration with the constant lies and the total grift of the election is what you interpret as a more violent ideation with each passing day. YOU are locking 75 million Americans who do not believe the election was fair OUT OF THE SYSTEM. Then when we react you cry like little babies because you know if it comes to it we will bury you.

        I have a great understanding of America and it starts with fair and free elections. I imagine if you were around in 1776 you’d think the Patriots were violent and had no understanding of America either. They too were pushed too far by tyrants not willing to listen. JUST. LIKE. YOU!!! They were also a violent minority.

        You’ve done nothing but lie, gaslight, prevaricate and steam hate since Trump was elected and now you’ve tried to steal an election as your final act of TREASON.

        The Devil went down to Georgia, lookin’ for a vote to steal. You are all liars and have been since you began decades ago.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          No one has been locked out of the system. The 74 million Americans who cast their votes for Mr Trump are evidence of that. Mr Biden received more votes including in GA, WI, PA, MI and AZ. The rest of us are not responsible for the feelings of the 74 million. You feel/believe that Mr Trump should have won the election, but he didn’t.

          Mr Trump has relentlessly accused the American people of cheating him, but repeats only internet conspiracies, but not evidence of crimes. Mr Trump and supporters have pushed for multiple recounts (as is their right) with no reversal of count. They have accessed US courts over 60 times. Mr Trump and supporters have offered dozens of conspiratorial tales that have not withstood scrutiny. What more should be done?

          You are correct that from the outset I viewed Mr Trump as unfit. I didn’t think he had the temperament, experience, wisdom and love of country to be an effective president. We seem to disagree on Trump the president, but that’s OK.

          Can you describe the most egregious act of election stealing? Why did the courts not react to the so-called evidence with the same shock and horror as Trump supporters? It appears that every state followed the constitutional policies in counting, recording and certifying the vote. Even Republican state officials and judges agreed that the vote was fair.

          You think you will bury America just because you can’t accept Mr Trump’s loss. That seems unlikely. What’s your plan? Shooting people you suspect of being Democrats? Firebombing schools and libraries? Bomb utilities?

          Sydney Powell has promised to release the Kraken, evidence so persuasive and damning that even the most ardent Democrat would have to recognize it. When?

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    Democrats and unions employ the leaders of the terrorist organization responsible for the harassment of a US Senator, “Shut Down DC.”

    Shut Down DC was founded in 2019 as a coalition of DC-based direct-action groups, initially launched around the climate change agenda, and focused primarily on agitating for the Green New Deal. The group was sponsored by All Out DC, a local Antifa group with a professed objective of, according to its Twitter profile, “Burn Down the American Plantation.”

    Anyone recall any arrests of this group?
    Ah, just kidding….


  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Destruction of property is not protected by the 1st Amendment is it?

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