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We Have To Defund The Police To Get Climate Justice Or Something

I know that you’re utterly shocked that climate cultists would hijack current affairs There Is No Climate Justice Without Defunding the Police The U.S. has erupted in protests over the brutal killing of George Floyd by police. The protests have largely been peaceful. The police response has not. Over the past week, widespread police violence […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful greenspace that should be replaced with solar panels, you might just be a Warmist IAYS The blog of the day is The First Street Journal, with a post on the liberal media caving to the demands of the woke.

NFL Commish Trying To Destroy 2020 Season Before It Begins

Sometimes, we just want to watch sports without a side of virtue signaling and SJW NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Says League Was ‘Wrong’ on Player Protests Against ‘Systematic Oppression of Black People’ NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Friday, on behalf of all 32 teams, that Black Lives Matter and insisted that “we the National Football […]

Despite CO2 Reduction, May Is Reported To Be Hottest May Ever

Hey, remember when the climate cultists claimed that CO2 was the control knob? Oh, and that there was a massive reduction of CO2 output during lockdown? Last month was the hottest May on record, as the world creeps closer to a dangerous threshold Last month was the hottest May on record worldwide, a European climate […]

Raleigh Protest Leaders Demand To “Defund The Police”

And the demands are “non-negotiable” (WRAL) Faisal Khan, the organizer of last Saturday’s protest in Raleigh and founder of Carolina Peace Center, spoke at a press conference on Friday. He discussed the life of George Floyd, his tragic death and the demands his organization and others have in the wake of the protests, riots and […]

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