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Minnesota AG Keith Ellison Sues Oil Companies Over Climate Crisis (scam)

Having solved all the crime issues in Minnesota, everything is hunky dory in Minneapolis, Keith turns his sights on oil companies AG Ellison Sues Oil Companies, Saying They Deceived Minnesotans About Climate Change Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has filed a major lawsuit against big oil companies. The newly-filed lawsuit names ExxonMobil, Koch Industries, and […]

If All You See…

…is a world turning to desert from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Flopping Aces, with a post on Bubba Wallace wanting to make a Statement.

Bubba Wallace Doubles Down On Racism Accusations Despite FBI Investigation

I’ve ignored this story, because we all knew the way it was going to end. Just like most all the others, as a hoax, as people being over-wrought over something that wasn’t real, that they just saw things the wrong way. The very minute it was noted that the “noose” was attached to the garage […]

Democrat Big Wigs Battle It Out On Climate Policy

It’s rather like watching like watching two different Nazi groups debate. The first are just Nazi troops, the other are members of the SS. Both are hardcore, but one is more hardcore. The difference between Stalin and Mao: both are horrible, but 3 million to 20 million died under Stalin, and 20-46 million under Mao […]

Lunatics Plan To Tear Down Emancipation Memorial, Crazy Democrat Introduces Legislation To Take It Down

Everything is bad and must be torn down, you know. These no-longer protesters because they are using violence are pledging to tear the memorial down today Petition calls for removal of Emancipation Statue in Capitol Hill’s Lincoln Park; Some fight to protect it As the debate over confederate statues and other monuments continues to heat […]

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