Democrat Big Wigs Battle It Out On Climate Policy

It’s rather like watching like watching two different Nazi groups debate. The first are just Nazi troops, the other are members of the SS. Both are hardcore, but one is more hardcore. The difference between Stalin and Mao: both are horrible, but 3 million to 20 million died under Stalin, and 20-46 million under Mao

DNC ‘Snubs’ Climate Movement Just as Greenpeace Endorses Democratic Panel’s Visionary Plan

Despite mounting pressure on the party to craft a 2020 platform that includes ambitious climate policies, Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez on Monday announced a drafting committee that, in the words of journalist Emily Atkin, “snubs progressive climate activists again.”

Perez’s announcement followed reporting that Democratic Party leadership was “irked” when the DNC Council on the Environment and Climate Crisis released policy recommendations for the platform on June 4 that are bolder than the proposals in presidential candidate Joe Biden’s climate plan. Party insiders told Reuters the panel is an “insurgent” group that is not “taken seriously.”

Several climate advocacy groups have endorsed the panel’s recommendations, including Greenpeace USA on Tuesday. Charlie Jiang, a campaigner for the group, declared that “as we confront the interwoven crises of climate change, white supremacy, and Covid-19, we must demand nothing short of a visionary, transformative agenda from Democratic leadership.”

See, this really isn’t about climate, but pure politics.

Perez, for his part, said in a statement that “crafting our party platform is important work, and I’m confident that the members of this committee will engage Americans in a substantive dialogue of ideas and solutions that will articulate our party’s vision for the country and mobilize voters in every community to elect Joe Biden.”

In other words, they’re trying to minimize the crazy to appear not crazy come election time

However, the positions and backgrounds of those charged with drafting that Democratic Party’s platform suggest the final version could fall far short of climate activists’ demands. As Atkin detailed in her HEATED newsletter Tuesday..

Let’s face it, even Warmists like Tom Perez know that ‘climate change’ is low hanging fruit that most people do not really care about, at least in practice.

Atkin’s analysis came after she reported for HEATED last month that Michelle Deatrick, who chairs the DNC climate panel, was worried that the platform drafting committee “would be filled with people who don’t prioritize progressive climate policy like the Green New Deal.” As Atkin put it Tuesday: “Her fears were founded.”

Heck, even those who submitted the Green New Deal are not prioritizing it. In the Senate, every Dem voted “present”, including sponsor Ed Markey, who has failed to demand a proper debate on it. In the House, Dem Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the House sponsor, has failed to demand a debate and vote on it. If they aren’t prioritizing it, why would anyone else.

The panel suggested spending $10-$16 trillion on tackling the climate crisis over the next decade and committing to various emissions and renewable energy targets—specifically, “near-zero emissions by 2040; 100% clean renewable energy by 2030 in electricity generation, buildings, and transportation; and 100% zero-carbon new building infrastructure by 2025.”

Submit that as a platform, and then try and explain how it will be paid for. Explain what happens to people’s cost of living. Better yet, try and get Joe Biden, who seems to be not in a good place mentally, to explain it. You really want Trump to come after Joe on it and watch Joe try to explain it on live TV?

“As platform negotiations continue, we hope to see more details emerge as to how the part plans to meet its important goals for achieving 100% clean power, transportation, buildings, agriculture, and industry; deploy federal investments quickly and equitably; and meaningfully engage with impacted workers and communities,” Jiang added. “We must prioritize racial and economic justice for frontline communities while mobilizing the full power of the federal government to tackle the historic crises we face.”

Yeah, this isn’t about science.

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