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Cancel Culture Today: UCLA, LivePD, And Disney World

Will organizations ever learn that feeding the alligator never works, that appeasing Mobs of SJWs just means you’ve surrendered and they will demand more and more? George Floyd protests: UCLA lecturer suspended after refusing lenient marking for black students A lecturer at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has been placed on leave, after […]

If All You See…

…is a rising ocean encroaching on housing because Other People took fossil fueled trips, you might just be a Warmist IAYS The blog of the day is No Pasaran, with a post on propaganda sob stories in the media.

“Protesters” Who Took Over Seattle Area Have Demands

Perhaps we should be calling them insurrectionists? Seattle Protesters Issue Demands: Abolish Police, Grant Amnesty, Give Free Health Care and College Protesters who have cordoned off several blocks in Seattle, declaring it a “cop-free zone” and “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” have released a long list of demands, including abolition of the Seattle Police Department and prisons, amnesty […]

Magazines Science, Nature, Shut Down For A Day Over Systemic Racism In Science Or Something

If science is now up for activism, how can we trust it when they start yapping about ‘climate change’ and the climate crisis? I’ve posted many an article from both Science and Nature, and read plenty others Radical Protests Shut Down Science, Nature for a Day Radical activists persuaded top science journals to stop work […]

Durham, Orange Counties To Require Face Masks In Public

Remember when they told us that masks were for health care workers and people who are sick? Then they changed the rules because of so-called asymptomatic carriers?  Well, now that all the lockdown requirements have been eased and are going away, Government has to have some measure to control people (WRAL) Orange County (North Carolina) […]

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