Durham, Orange Counties To Require Face Masks In Public

Remember when they told us that masks were for health care workers and people who are sick? Then they changed the rules because of so-called asymptomatic carriers?  Well, now that all the lockdown requirements have been eased and are going away, Government has to have some measure to control people

(WRAL) Orange County (North Carolina) has extended their state of emergency to require more people to wear face masks.

Customers and employees entering any store or restaurant are required to wear a face mask starting Friday. This requirement will be in effect until Aug. 31, the county said in a statement.

Anyone “in an indoor or outdoor situation” who can’t maintain a 6-foot distance from another person is required to wear a mask.

If someone is driving or riding public transportation, they also have to wear a mask.

There’s actually been heavy editing on this story since yesterday, most likely to soften the verbiage on how draconian this is. How is one supposed to actually eat with a mask on? Why do you need a mask when driving alone in your car? The order for Orange is almost identical for Durham County, both counties being two of the most liberal in the state of North Carolina

“Until there is a vaccine for COVID-19, face coverings are a part of our new normal,” Orange County Health Director Quintana Stewart said. “We know it will take some time to get used to, but it will help save lives.”

Move those goal posts. In the same breathe. First it is August 31, having ruined all the summer. Then till there’s a vaccine, which could be soon or years, especially since COVID-19 seems to be branching out, much like there are many different versions of the regular flu. They even go on to say you are allowed to not wear a mask in your own home. Authoritarians are granting you a boon.

Funny, but the Orange and Durham county leaders weren’t complaining about lots of people not wearing masks during the George Floyd protests. Anyhow, speaking of ruining the summer

Durham is latest to cancel fireworks celebration

Durham’s annual Independence Day celebration is the latest to fall to the considerations of coronavirus. The city announced on Wednesday that the baseball game and fireworks display that draw thousands of people to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park every year will not be held in 2020.

The event is produced annually in a partnership between the Durham Bulls and Durham Parks and Recreation Department.

“In light of the state and local safer-at-home orders limiting the number of people in mass gatherings and the recent data provided by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS), the event was canceled to protect the health and safety of residents and visitors,” the city said in a statement.

Yet, not a peep from the city on the large number of people protesting, gathered together, within 6 feet, many with no masks. Of course, let’s be honest, the uber-Leftists who run the city of Durham are probably thrilled to get away with cancelling the 4th Of July fireworks, because they hate the United States.

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  1. Nighthawk says:

    COVID-19 is a cold virus and, as I understand it, there will never be a vaccine.

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