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NYC’s Empty Streets Are A Lesson For ‘Climate Change’

You have to wonder if the climate cultists really think about what they write, because it really doesn’t look good. Or, do they just not care and this is what they really want? Video: In New York’s Empty Streets, Lessons for Climate Change in the Response to Covid-19 The world is reeling from yet another […]

If All You See…

…is a glass of wine, which will be decimated by ‘climate change’ in the future, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Chicks On The Right, with a post on Handsy Biden confusing even the CNN hosts.

NJ Citizens Protest Draconian Bat Soup Rules, Woman Arrested For Organizing Protest

No more fear Protest Against NJ Gov. Murphy Stay-at-Home Order: ‘No More Fear’ New Jersey citizens demonstrated in Trenton Friday against the “stay-at-home” order of Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy during the coronavirus crisis. Politico reported the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce recorded video of the protest that showed “a long line of cars honking their horns along […]

‘Climate Change’ To Cause Major Floods Daily In Future Or Something

It’s utterly normal for the seas to rise during a Holocene warm period. And the sea rise we’re seeing is utterly normal, as in utterly average, being in the range of 7-8 inches per century, when the average per century over the last 8,000 years is 6-8 inches per century. We should be seeing more […]

Are You Wearing Sweatpants While Working At Home During Bat Soup Virus? The LA Times Is Not Happy With You

No matter what is going on, there will always be hot takes. People being Offended. I suspect if we had an alien invasion, nuclear war, a supervolcano going off, a zombie apocalypse, you’d still have SJWs being SWJs and naggy nags being nags Enough with the WFH sweatpants. Dress like the adult you're getting paid […]

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