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Become A Parent Makes You 25% Less Climate Friendly Or Something

Hey, look, a non-Bat Soup Virus hottake from the Cult of Climastrology. Of course, they try to say this is about the environment, but, it’s mostly about the climate crisis scam, because the CoC had to pull real environmental issues on the banner of the cult Becoming a Parent Makes You 25% Less Environmentally Friendly, […]

If All You See…

…is an evil big meal which makes people fat (but don’t body shame!!!!!) which is bad for climate change, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Busted Knuckles, with a post wondering what your favorite dipping sauce is.

How Many Cops Are Needed For A Non-Lockdown Compliant Restaurant? 15

Are you enjoying your Modern Socialism test drive, people? Port Deposit business owner facing charges for Sunday crowds Maryland State Police from the North East barrack have sent information to the Cecil County State’s Attorney’s Office for possible prosecution of Lee’s Landing Dock Bar for alleged violation of the Maryland COVID-19 regulations. However the owner […]

Bat Soup Virus Serves As A Dress Rehearsal For Dealing With Hotcoldwetdry Or Something

There have been plenty of “dress rehearsal” type ‘climate change’ screeds over the past few months, some saying this is what the world will look like with the climate crisis, others saying with all the climate policies in place. The latter aren’t exactly selling their solutions when people aren’t working, people are stuck at home, […]

New Zealand Decides To Go Full Totalitarian, Only Allows People Outside Their Homes 1 Hour A Day

Bloomberg News, though, doesn’t see the problem, and actually lauds this move New Zealanders aren’t allowed to drive except in emergencies and can only be out of the house for an hour a day, to get exercise or to buy essentials. This one-hour limit is enforced by the police https://t.co/aE82JW3GdR pic.twitter.com/0vTMsOSAz1 — Bloomberg Opinion (@bopinion) […]

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