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If All You See…

…are wonderful recycling bins which help stop climate doom (but you don’t actually use yours), you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Pacific Pundit, with a post on Democrats being stuck with Handsy Joe after Comrade Bernie dropped out. From what I hear, Authorities arrested her for being out and […]

Pope Francis Links Bat Soup Virus To ‘Climate Change’

This is a holy week for Christianity, as we approach Easter on Sunday. So, what does the Pope talk about? He could talk about the teachings of Jesus, the concepts of the New Testament, the evils of abortion, on loving each other, on tolerance. Nope Pope Francis says coronavirus could be ‘nature’s response’ to climate […]

Bat Soup Virus Is A Dress Rehearsal For ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Nope, this is not the same article that Bloomberg trotted out, The Nation has their own little spin, and it unsurprisingly involves hardcore Cult of Climastrology politics and economic plans Coronavirus Is a Dress Rehearsal for Climate Change The under-reaction by the US government to the coronavirus was not inadvertent, a mistake. It was in […]

Pentagon Shoots Down ABC Report That White House Knew About Bat Soup Virus In November

See, ABC “News” tried this Intelligence report warned of coronavirus crisis as early as November: Sources – @ABC News. The National Center for Medical intelligence findings on Coronavirus in China briefed to White House and military officials in 2019. What was done in response? https://t.co/PBgxOLAlrK — George Stephanopoulos (@GStephanopoulos) April 8, 2020 This sent many […]

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