Bat Soup Virus Is A Dress Rehearsal For ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Nope, this is not the same article that Bloomberg trotted out, The Nation has their own little spin, and it unsurprisingly involves hardcore Cult of Climastrology politics and economic plans

Coronavirus Is a Dress Rehearsal for Climate Change

The under-reaction by the US government to the coronavirus was not inadvertent, a mistake. It was in part the result of a decades-long campaign to degrade the very idea that government can be a useful, essential aspect of our lives, that it can allow us to collectively accomplish tasks far beyond the capacity of any individual. Today, unfortunately, the dominant view in America, held by essentially all Republican leaders and too many Democratic ones, is that the “free market” always delivers better outcomes than the government.

But that’s the self-serving view of those who benefit most in our “winner-take-all” economy. What we need instead is a healthy, regulated balance between civil society, government, and private enterprise. And if we’re smart, we’ll use this current crisis to rebalance the scales in America. The bailouts this time cannot be like the 2008 variety, in which bankers got bonuses and millions of homeowners got screwed. We don’t just need strings attached to this bailout. We need steel cables. The interests of ordinary people must come first. Period.

Perhaps the most important lesson of the coronavirus is that if we don’t prepare now, and start thinking about how to stop problems before it’s too late, we’re risking everything we care about: our homes, our jobs, and the health of our loved ones. This is where the virus has something very important to teach us—if we’re willing to learn.

The climate crisis is going to be many, many times worse. It may happen more slowly, but let’s not kid ourselves. Greater disease transmission, food shortages, energy blackouts, floods, homelessness, joblessness, species extinction—each will stagger us and then do so again.

And, see, the only way to solve this is by Government forcing a balance between civil society, government, and private enterprise.

It goes without saying that we desperately need to change course in order to avert the worst impacts of climate change. Fortunately, what’s needed is not mysterious, but it is hard and is definitely not short-term. We can save our climate by investing in jobs policies that will transform and improve manufacturing, agriculture, electrification, transportation, housing, infrastructure, care work—and virtually every aspect of our economy. The relevant question is whether we do so in a way that will help working-class, middle-class, and poor Americans first, not last. This is how we take responsibility for the world our children and grandchildren will inherit and inhabit.

The authors of this piece never actually get around to saying what they would transform “virtually every aspect of our economy” to. What it would look like. This is typical climate cultist dissembling, because they know they would scare a lot of people off if they actually explained what would happen, essentially, once again, government controlling all aspects of people’s lives, controlling all private entities. Government taking freedom, liberty, and choice away, along with a lot of money we earn. It would create an authoritarian government.

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2 Responses to “Bat Soup Virus Is A Dress Rehearsal For ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. KlemDadidlehopper says:

    President Trump ordered US firms to ditch China, but many already have and more are on the way
    Published Sun, Sep 1 20198:45 AM EDTUpdated Wed, Sep 4 20195:38 PM EDT

    Notice the DATE. Trump was already warning America about our independence on China.

    Notice that He did this in September and in November the Covid-19 began appearing. Strange huh?

    Does anyone believe that China is willing to PUNISH America by withholding Life saving PPE and Drugs after this:

    According to CNBC:
    But, in conference calls with investors just this past month, dozens of executives have signaled plans to further diversify their supply chains away amid the intensifying trade war.

    BAD USA. BAD. You will be indebted to China forever.

    MODI of India says no Hydroxychlorquine for the world. We need it for ourselves. GLOBALISM in action. No wait that would be nationalism.

    3M swears that they will deliver 165 million N95 masks from CHINA. BuLLSHEET. Not happening. China won’t allow that.

    Countries all over the world are hoarding and not sending anything to other countries. NATIONALISM tops globalism. The only ones that profit from Globalism is CHINA and Wall Street.

    But. Because Trump is against Globalism and China then by GOD the Democrats are greasing up for China.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Ruh Roh!

    Dr. Fauci just made a mistake by giving Mike Pence credit for the public health measures, not Dear Leader.

    Goodbye Dr. Fauci.

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