‘Climate Change’ To Cause Major Floods Daily In Future Or Something

It’s utterly normal for the seas to rise during a Holocene warm period. And the sea rise we’re seeing is utterly normal, as in utterly average, being in the range of 7-8 inches per century, when the average per century over the last 8,000 years is 6-8 inches per century. We should be seeing more during this warm period.

But, you know, doomsday cultists have to doomsday cult

US to have major floods on daily basis unless sea-level rise is curbed – study

Flooding events that now occur in America once in a lifetime could become a daily occurrence along the vast majority of the US coastline if sea level rise is not curbed, according to a new study that warns the advancing tides will “radically redefine the coastline of the 21st century”.

The research finds major cities such as Honolulu, New Orleans and Miami will become increasingly vulnerable to elevated high tides and stronger storms fueled by the global heating caused by human activity. Beach and cliff erosion will exacerbate this situation.

The accelerating pace of sea level rise means that by the end of the century floods currently considered once in a lifetime, or once every 50 years or so, will become a daily high tide occurrence for more than 90% of the coastal locations assessed by researchers from the US government, the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Hawaii.

You know what’s not included? Any evidence that sea rise is accelerating. No charts, no graphs, no data. It is not accelerating. Even if it was, it doesn’t prove anthropogenic causation. Just a low level Holocene warm period.

Within 30 years from now, these now-rare flooding events will become annual occurrences for more than 70% of the locations along the US coast according to the research published in Scientific Reports. This scenario threatens huge, multibillion-dollar damages and, potentially, the viability of some coastal communities.

“If future sea-level rise causes once extreme but rare floods to occur frequently then … this may render some parts of the US coastline uninhabitable,” said Sean Vitousek, a scientist at the US Geological Survey.

The disruption caused by frequent flooding will threaten the habitability of much of the US coastline as it is already widely projected to do to many low-lying islands in the Pacific, Vitousek added.

Ah, the old 30 years from now canard (which, of course, makes it 2050). There never seem to be any consequences for making this advanced prognostications. But, see, if it does happen, they’ll say “we told you so.” If it doesn’t, they’ll say “see, the measures the world took in taking your money and freedom worked”.

Global sea levels have increased by about eight inches on average since 1880, although some places along the US coast have experienced higher rates than this. The seas are expected, on average, to rise by at least another foot by the end of the century even if emissions are constrained. This will be higher in some regions and much will depend on the pace of melting at the two great ice sheets, in Greenland and Antarctica.

They forget to mention that 8 is average.

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