NYC’s Empty Streets Are A Lesson For ‘Climate Change’

You have to wonder if the climate cultists really think about what they write, because it really doesn’t look good. Or, do they just not care and this is what they really want?

Video: In New York’s Empty Streets, Lessons for Climate Change in the Response to Covid-19

The world is reeling from yet another week of the coronavirus pandemic, with death counts rising, economies spiraling downward and half the global population under orders to stay at home.

But there are also lessons from the response to Covid-19 that can be applied to the climate crisis, and opportunities for cities to take the policies implemented to deal with the pandemic and apply them to their efforts to slow climate change. (snip)

One similarity, Gerrard notes, is the way in which both climate change and Covid-19 disproportionately affect low income and marginalized communities. New York City Councilwoman Carlina Rivera, who serves the Lower East Side community of Manhattan, agreed. “When you think about our historically marginalized, disenfranchised communities,” she said, “I think that you will see how those inequities [have] really been brought to light” by weather events related to climate change and by the Covid-19 pandemic. (snip)

Many U.S. cities and states have enacted climate change initiatives, particularly since President Trump decided to pull out of the Paris Agreement in 2017. Perhaps the most ambitious of these plans is in New York City, currently the epicenter of the U.S. Covid-19 outbreak. Amy Turner, a fellow at the Cities Climate Law Initiative at Columbia University, helps cities achieve their climate goals. She sees “an opportunity to marry some of the elements of climate policy and Covid policy, as we think about our response to both crises.” Turner cites increasing bicycle infrastructure, tackling building efficiency and increasing public transportation as some of these opportunities.

Councilwoman Rivera sees possibilities for transportation changes to increase bus ridership, and the opening up of green spaces. “When it comes to climate change, and to how things are changing and affecting us, we know as a coastline community that we’re going to continue to be affected,” she said. “But I really want to see investment in some of these communities to change things once and for all.”

So, let’s see, the climate cultists are thrilled that the streets are empty, poor folks are out of work (as are middle class folks), they’re shuttered in their homes by government edict, they’re threatened with fines and jail if they leave their homes, they want to force people (meaning the peasants) to ride bikes and take buses, limit their movement, and generally have their lives controlled by Government.

Interestingly, why do all these Democratic Party run cities have such inequality, so many marginalized and low income communities?

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  1. formwiz says:

    And our eco-warrior calls Christianity a death cult.

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