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The Bulwark #NeverTrumper Discovers Federalism

We’ve seen this time and time again: the people who’ve called Trump a dictator, a Fascist, “literally Hitler” are now upset that Trump is not Declaring Things. Here’s The Bulwark’s resident unhinged Lefty, because a conserving conservative site needs that, right? (via Twitchy) https://twitter.com/MollyJongFast/status/1239560969925398528 Is this called Federalism? Did she just discover the 10th Amendment? […]

If All You See…

…is a boat necessary when the whole world floods, you just might be a Warmist The blog of the day is Bookworm Room, with a post noting that Trump isn’t afraid of Crazy Creepy Uncle Joe Biden.

We Need To Fight ‘Climate Change’ Like World War III Or Something

I suggest we start by rationing anything involved with the carbon footprint of Warmists for Warmists. No more meat, fossil fueled travel, smartphones, etc We must fight climate change like it’s World War III – here are 4 potent weapons to deploy In 1896 Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius explored whether Earth’s temperatures were influenced by the presence […]

Extinction Rebellion Plots New Stunts, Including Public Suicide

Some take offense when Skeptics, including myself, refer to the Cult of Climastrology as a cult, as doomsdayers, as unhinged nutjobs. I can’t imagine why we would refer to them that way Delingpole: Kamikaze Greenies – Extinction Rebellion Plots Suicide Stunt Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists, increasingly overshadowed by the coronavirus, have been discussing new and […]

ZOMG, They Might Shut The Whole Country Down For Two Weeks!!!!!!!!!! Or Something

I was wondering where this rumor came from. A bunch of fellow employees were yapping about it, scaremongering that Los Federales were about to invoke a two week mandatory quarantine of all citizens. Which would be statutory and Constitutionally problematic, if not downright illegal and un-Constitutional. Like quite a few of the ones invoked by […]

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