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Climate Scientactivists Have A Sad, Feel Guilty

Perhaps they should not be taking all those fossil fueled flights around the world to climate conferences ‘I’m profoundly sad, I feel guilty’: scientists reveal personal fears about the climate crisis In 2014, Joe Duggan started reaching out to climate scientists to ask them a question: how did climate change make them feel? “I was […]

Good Grief: Could Coronavirus Be Trump’s Katrina?

No, seriously, Credentialed Media folks and Democrats, along with #NeverTrumper nutballs, are actually going down this road. Her’s CNN’s Chris Cillizza Is coronavirus Donald Trump’s Katrina? What sunk President George W. Bush and Republicans in his second term wasn’t the war in Iraq. It was his administration’s mishandling of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Whispers have […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible fossil fueled boat, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Maggie’s Farm, with a post on people avoiding public places.

We Can’t Ignore The Risks From Hotcoldwetdry And Coronavirus Or Something

Hey, should we be calling it Wuhan virus, or would that be raaaaacist? Regardless, the doomsday Cult of Climastrology continues to jam its cultish beliefs into everything. This is from Axios, hence the formatting Coronavirus and climate change are obvious risks we ignore Forget black swans. We’re getting run over by two gray rhinos: coronavirus […]

Extinction Rebellion Protests About “Climate Rape” While Topless

Remember when climate scientists were telling the other members of their cult to not be crazy, because it makes it really hard to get people on board? XR tends not to listen Topless Women Protest ‘Climate Rape’ in London on International Women’s Day A group of 31 women formed a topless human chain in London […]

Totally Moderate Joe Biden Receives Endorsement From Biggest Gun Grabber Group

They keep telling us that Joe Biden is a moderate Democrat. Compared to Comrade Bernie, perhaps. But, it’s like comparing Castro to Stalin. Major gun safety group endorses Joe Biden’s presidential bid Joe Biden has received the endorsement of one of the nation’s largest gun control advocacy groups, Everytown for Gun Safety, in the latest […]

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