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Greta Wasn’t The First Young Warmists To Demand Other People Listen To Her

Some people want their fame, and, we’re all supposed to listen to children opine about Important Issues, right? Take that, skeptics! NatGeo #ClimateCult propaganda shows a 20-year-old standing in chest-deep water, along with the claim that "When she is 60…sea-level rise in her home state of Florida will reach her waist" #Science https://t.co/KaxbcZYN3L pic.twitter.com/f1ySInLisc — […]

If All You See…

….is a fish that will soon be swimming at the poles due to ‘climate change’, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, with a post noting that it’s time we talked about China, and the Chamber of Commerce.

When Crocodiles Mess With Lockdown

You think it’s bad not finding TP and fresh chicken, beef, and pork? (The Blaze) As cases of COVID-19 in the eastern African country of Rwanda climbed, authorities there implemented a “total lockdown” Sunday, the BBC reported. So far, Rwanda has at least 40 confirmed cases. The government has reportedly said it would help people struggling […]

Coronavirus Is A Fire Drill For The Coming Climate Crisis Doom Or Something

Look, I’ve surrendered. The linked Chinavirus-climate change articles are just too abundant, plus, they really show how cultish these Warmists are, and these articles aren’t just being published in small papers and blogs and such, but the big players Coronavirus and climate change: The pandemic is a fire drill for our planet’s future We’ve been […]

NY Times Wonders Why We’re Choosing Mass Unemployment

I actually sort of agree where the NY Times editorial board has gone with this piece, though, they are missing a few pieces, and take the obligatory shots at Trump Why Is America Choosing Mass Unemployment? Thursday’s news that more than three million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week, a total far higher than in any […]

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