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Narrative Fail: Battleground Voters Who Went Democrat In 2018 Switching Back To Trump

This had to really, really hurt the NY Times to publish. After all the scaremongering, the negative stories on Trump, the refusal to run any but a handful of stories buried deep on the good things Trump has done (the story on Trump signing the animal cruelty bill was nowhere on the front page on […]

If All You See…

…is wonderful low carbon sailboat needed for when the land is swamped by the seas, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Real Climate Science, with a post on NOAA blocking access to their temperature data.

EU Parliament Considers Declaring “Climate Emergency” Or Something

Let’s see: all the EU nations were members of the Kyoto Protocol, and failed. They’ve instituted all sorts of taxes and fees and restrictions and such, and they’ve failed. They hailed being part of the “historic” Paris Climate agreement, yet, none of them are even close to their own stated goals. So, sure, declare a […]

Hotcold Take: East Coast Will See More Big Snowstorms But Less Overall Snow

This seems to be a variation on the old trope about being fewer hurricanes but them being much, much bigger. Of course, they mean that this is all your fault for your big carbon footprint, rather than something that keeps happening during the Holocene, ie, warm periods With climate change, Washington may have entered era […]

According To Reports, San Francisco Is Super Racist For Citing Blacks For Eating On Trains

I wonder if anyone has explained to the UK Guardian and the SF Examiner that this is high caliber friendly fire Police cited 55 people for eating on San Francisco trains. Only nine were white Police officers for the San Francisco Bay Area commuter train system disproportionately target black riders with citations for eating and […]

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