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Comrade Bernie Releases An Immigration Plan

Remember, though, Democrats are not for open borders Bernie released a comprehensive immigration platform today. Some of the highlights: – dismantle ICE and CBP– decriminalize illegal immigration – stop all deportations– accept 50,000 "climate migrants" in first year– and much, much more https://t.co/ILkK22KDIN — Jason Melo (@thejasonmelo) November 7, 2019 Yeah, this should be a […]

Senate Republicans Consider Calling Joe Biden During Impeachment

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: people shouldn’t focus on Hunter Biden, but Joe Biden. If Hunter did something illegal, that’s on Ukraine to deal with. But, Joe, on the other hand, did exactly what Trump is being accused of, a quid pro quo using the power and money of the United […]

If All You See…

…is horrible early season carbon pollution created snow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Maggie’s Farm, with a post noting that you don’t have to love Trump to approve of what he’s been doing.

New Zealand Passes Law To Become Carbon Neutral By 2050

Well, good luck with this, it’ll surely work worse than the gun grabbing law (which has a compliance rate of around 30%) Climate change: New Zealand passes ‘zero carbon’ law New Zealand lawmakers on Thursday passed a “Zero Carbon” bill that it hopes will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to a near-neutral level by 2050. […]

Surprise: Scientists Declaring Climate Emergency Want Population Reduction, Wholesale Change Of Systems

Yesterday I wrote about these Cult of Climastrology scientists saying a tiny increase in CO2 would cause untold suffering. And now we learn more about what they’re pushing (HuffPost) In order to avoid a “hothouse Earth” where runaway temperature increases beget further warming, the scientists call for immediate action to overhaul the way we live […]

Whistleblower” Lawyer Wrote About “Coup Has Started” In 2017, Trump Blasts

This is rather important, right? Gosh, this seems sort of important… Mark is the whistleblower’s attorney FYI. https://t.co/R4Kp7B4e62 — The????FOO (@PolitiBunny) November 6, 2019 Well, not important enough to be covered by NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, ABC New, NBC News, CBS News, or CNN, among others Trump, at Louisiana rally, hits ‘disgraceful’ whistleblower’s […]

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