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Hanoi Jane Wants “Climate Criminals” Prosecuted Like Nazis At Nuremberg

Well, now, Jane has had a pretty good life. Travel all around the world using fossil fueled transportation, eating well, dressing well, living in by mansions, but, now, she’s unhinged and ready to deny Everyone Else the benefits of a modern life https://twitter.com/JWSpry/status/1195292876327944192 From the link Activist actress Jane Fonda suggested in an interview with Vice TV […]

If All You See…

…is sea that is empty of ice, because aren’t all Canadian waters supposed to be full of ice?, then you just might be a Warmist The blog of the day is Moonbattery, with a post on feminists push “a day without men.”

We’re Saved: Dutch Gov’t Slashes Speed Limits To Stop Hotcoldwetdry

I wonder how many will be getting speeding tickets, because, Doing Something about anthropogenic climate change is popular in theory, but, in practice, people do not want their lives impacted by “solutions” Dutch government slashes highway speed limit to tackle climate change Motorists in the Netherlands will soon have to slow down to do their […]

Comrade Bernie, AOC Release Green New Deal For Public Housing

I’m not quite sure why they are bothering, as the people in public housing are already depending on Government, already under their thumb, and already vote Democrat AOC and Bernie’s Green New Deal Aims to Change Our Relationship With Public Housing Public housing is home to 2 million people in the U.S. and a $70 […]

New Democrat Narrative: Ukraine Was About An Attempted Crime, Not A Crime Crime

Things are really not going well in Liberal World. No one really cares that much. The first hearing drew only 13 million viewers According to Axios, Wednesday’s lackluster impeachment hearing drew just 13 million viewers. The number pales in comparison to those who viewed former FBI Director James Comey’s June 2017 testimony and Supreme Court Justice Brett […]

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