We’re Saved: Dutch Gov’t Slashes Speed Limits To Stop Hotcoldwetdry

I wonder how many will be getting speeding tickets, because, Doing Something about anthropogenic climate change is popular in theory, but, in practice, people do not want their lives impacted by “solutions”

Dutch government slashes highway speed limit to tackle climate change

Motorists in the Netherlands will soon have to slow down to do their bit to tackle climate change.

The Dutch government put forward a new climate change package on Wednesday.

It includes a controversial proposal to lower the day-time speed limit on motorways to just 100 km/h (62 mph) from the current 130 km/h (80 mph). At night, the limit will stay the same.

The new limit is expected to come into force as soon as possible and will be one of the lowest in Europe. In neighboring Germany, some sections of highways have no speed limit at all.

The Dutch government has little room for maneuver. Last year, it was told by a court to take urgent measures to reduce emissions. The court also ordered the government to ensure that the country’s emissions in 2020 will be at least 25% lower than those in 1990.

The court’s decision forced the government to put a number of large construction projects on hold.

Writing on his official Facebook account Wednesday, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the new speed limit was a “rotten measure,” but added it was necessary in order to protect jobs and builders.

Heck, if they all really Believe, then they should all give up their own fossil fueled vehicles, right? And what of those who have electric vehicles? Does this apply to them? It sure seems so, as there are no exceptions. This is just the normal silliness for the Cult of Climastrology.

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One Response to “We’re Saved: Dutch Gov’t Slashes Speed Limits To Stop Hotcoldwetdry”

  1. Dana says:

    We did that here, in response to the oil shortage in 1973, remember? And what happened? Americans voted with their right feet, driving faster than 55 mph. It seems we don’t like the government telling us to be SAMFs.

    What’s a SAMF? Slow assed and I’m guessing you can work our MF on your own.

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