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Washington Post Editorial Board Is Super Concerned Over Trump’s Unconstitutionality Enablers

This is always so amusing. Democrats and the right leaning #NeverTrumpers are always yammering on about all the ways Trump is a dictator and trashing the Constitution, but, this is the best they can do Trump’s second act is rife with enablers of constitutional degradation THE TRUMP presidency has entered a dangerous new phase. Administration […]

If All You See…

…is a city flooded by carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Powerline, with a post saying to be cautious with the “Ilhan Omar gave intelligence to Qatar” story floating around.

UN Releases Bleak Report On Climate Ahead Of December Meeting Or Something

And the UN wants more action, despite the majority of signatories of the “historic” Paris Climate Agreement failing to uphold their pledges already In bleak report, U.N. says drastic action is only way to avoid worst effects of climate change The world has squandered so much time mustering the action necessary to combat climate change […]

Climate Cult Groups Say U.S., E.U. Owe Half The Cost For Hotcoldwetdry

In the 1st World, ‘climate change’ is all about installing Modern Socialism, about taxation, fees, and governmental control of everything, about limiting freedom and choice. In the 3rd World, it’s all about getting money out of the 1st World nations, money that has zero strings attached, because the 1st World nations “owe” it to the […]

Bummer: Black, Hispanic Approval For Impeachment Collapses

In the absence of actual “ZOMG, there it is!” proof, the Democrats Impeachment Theater is not going well. Heck, it’s starting to look like Charlie’s Angels. A lot of sound and noise, but, a failure at the box office (Breitbart) Support for impeaching President Donald Trump has collapsed among Hispanic and black voters—a situation that […]

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