Narrative Fail: Battleground Voters Who Went Democrat In 2018 Switching Back To Trump

This had to really, really hurt the NY Times to publish. After all the scaremongering, the negative stories on Trump, the refusal to run any but a handful of stories buried deep on the good things Trump has done (the story on Trump signing the animal cruelty bill was nowhere on the front page on the web nor the paper), all the negative opinion pieces, spinning good news as bad, telling us the economy is cratering and a recession is coming, all the impeachment theater, etc, and we get this

They Voted Democratic. Now They Support Trump.

Midterm victories in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin gave Democrats hope of retaking the Rust Belt battleground states that handed the presidency to Donald J. Trump in 2016.

Yet success in the midterms might not mean as much for Democratic presidential candidates as the party might think. Nearly two-thirds of voters in six battleground states who voted for President Trump in 2016 — but for Democratic congressional candidates in 2018 — say they intend to back the president against each of his top rivals, according to recent polling by The New York Times Upshot/Siena College.

The results suggest that the party’s winning formula in last year’s midterms may not be so easy to replicate in a presidential election. The Democrats’ relatively moderate House candidates succeeded in large part by flipping a crucial segment of voters who backed the president in 2016. If these voters remain open-minded again in 2020, Democrats will have a ready-made blueprint for winning back the crucial Rust Belt battlegrounds.

Of course, the Times attempts to spin this, denigrating the voters as “overwhelmingly white, 60 percent are male, and two-thirds have no college degree”, because, obviously, they aren’t allowed to have an opinion.

Other voters say they are preparing to take an even greater leap: vote for Mr. Trump after supporting Democratic congressional candidates in 2018 and Mrs. Clinton in 2016.

In the survey, 7 percent of those who supported Mrs. Clinton in 2016 said they now approved of the president’s performance — despite his personality and his Twitter account, many said.

What this really is is a warning for Democrats to get their buts in gear to attempt to find a way to win.

Many of the voters cited economic strength as a major reason to support Mr. Trump in 2020, even if they didn’t support him last time. Also, certain voters who support Trump said they had soured on Democrats because of partisan fighting, culminating in impeachment hearings.

So, he’s doing pretty good and Democrats are unhinged.

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15 Responses to “Narrative Fail: Battleground Voters Who Went Democrat In 2018 Switching Back To Trump”

  1. Kye says:

    The commie Dems are still trying to win the 2016 election to be bothered figuring out how to win the 2020. Morons!

    Trump 2020 Watch them cry.

  2. John says:

    Teach Trump didn’t do well helping red states in governor’s races
    You always trumpet the polls you like and ignore most

    • Bill589 says:

      Donald is doing well in the Current polls.
      The more people learn, the more they choose Donald over his enemies.

    • formwiz says:

      Too bad this one is the Gray Lady. Turns out the off-off-year election really was an anomaly.

      As it usually is.

      And, if you look closely, the state houses in KY and LA went or stayed uber-R.

      Not to mention some hanky-pank with the voting machines.

      • david7134 says:

        I was watching as the numbers came in late in the Louisiana race. Just when Edwards needed it, 20000 votes suddenly appeared from East Baton Rouge parish, one of the most corrupt areas in earth.

    • Kye says:

      I don’t believe polls, John because they are paid for by people who want certain results. That holds for all sides involved as far as I’m concerned. We saw how the polls and predictions panned out in 2016. One clown said it was a 95% chance for Hillary. And that guy is still talking shit on CNN!

      Trump 2020 Cause the polls blow.

  3. Doom and Gloom says:

    And it has now been revealed there is a very small pac called the Atlantic Council which surprisingly pumped 151 million dollars into the mid-terms for the Democrats. A single donor according to FEC filings donated a staggering 51.7 million dollars. Every penny of this was pumped into the midterms on behalf of the Democrats.

    This is not fake news. the Atlantic Council filed with the FEC as to where the money went. but because the donations are anonymous no one has any idea who is funding this tiny pac with a huge bankroll.

    Bloomberg has already said he intends to sway the election personally by pumping 100’s of millions of his own money against Trump in 2020.

    The democrats who despise dark money and Citizens United are accepting the money in droves and the GOP needs to be aware that while the GOP is gathering more money than the Democrats it is not by as much as some pundits make it out to be. IF you add up the money going to every candidate it is only dwarfed by Trump by about 25-30 million dollars.

    Once they have a candidate fear not, the Dems will spend 2 billion on this election and if the GOP sits idly by they will watch the house and senate swept from under them. Dark money running rampant through the left because of their intense hatred for Orange man Bad.

    And really what is their problem with him? He is crude, crass and funny. He has not done anything horrible like ban abortions, ban gay marriage, ban Muslims, ban religion, Ban Hollywood. Ban Free press. Yet the left is in an absolute tizzy over Trump. WHY?

    Would it be because the deep state is frantic that the IG, Mueller and Ukraine and the AG’s criminal investigation into the FBI and CIA are going to uncover democratic bullshit?

    Could it be that as of last night a SECOND Adam Schiff AIDE has been tied to Burisma? You heard that right TWO ADAM SCHIFF AIDES are now linked heavily to BURISMA, the same group that is now under indictment in Ukraine and has buried the deep state up to their eyeballs in corruption.

    And the MSM is frantic to protect their commie buddies furious they can’t find any dirt on Trump and frantic because they have been unable to convince the public of anything except how corrupt our own government has become.

  4. Doom and Gloom says:

    The left scoffs when we call them communists and yet.

    Bernie Sanders Honeymoons in the Soviet Union. This is the same guy even the left is trying to destroy and yet AOC comes out in support of him and the progressive wing of the democratic party is 100 percent behind him along with now their new Darling Tulsi Gabbard.

    Bernie Sanders Honeymooned in the Soviet Union. Does anyone remember the guy who shot Kennedy moved to Russia for a couple of years before returning to the United States?

    And the left tries to portray a Russian asset, I think they need to look in their own ranks to someone whose initials are BS.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      And don’t forget the US President with a 30 year history with USSR/Russia, has spent more time there than any other US President, whose name is trademarked in Russia, has multiple business interests there, whose son said “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia”, held secret meetings with the Russian leader, and had at least 5 campaign/administration/associates convicted of felonies for their dealings with Russia.

      Does anyone remember the guy who shot Kennedy moved to Russia for a couple of years before returning to the United States? And the Russians sent him hundreds of miles from Moscow to Minsk (in what is now middle of nowhere Belarus). Oswalt returned to the US and assassinated the US President, a Democrat who pushed racial civil rights.

      But we’re NOT suggesting that the Trump family will assassinate a US President despite their decades long deep, deep ties to Russia.

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