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Surprise: Solar Panels Don’t Work During Forced Blackouts

It’s obviously wildfire season in California, like it is pretty much every year. And one is going on. Which is, of course, being linked to/blamed on ‘climate change’. But, we’ll soon find out it was caused by mankind, just not through carbon pollution. And California residents are learning their solar panels can't keep the lights […]

If All You See…

…are pumpkins which will disappear from ‘climate change’, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Maggie’s Farm, with a post on whether it’s possible for the U.S. to withdraw from any foreign entanglement.

UK Police Say Extinction Rebellion Nuts Are Hiding Nails And Razors In Lock-Tubes

These pose a danger to police HIDDEN DANGER Extinction Rebellion protesters hide NAILS and BLADES in ‘lock-on’ tubes to make removing them more dangerous, cops claim The eco-warriors are in the middle of a two-week demonstration to bring London to a grinding halt to try and force the Government to reduce the country’s carbon emissions. The […]

To Solve Hotcoldwetdry, We Must (Be Forced To) Change Our Lifestyles Or Something

First, let’s note that St. Greta didn’t get her Nobel Prize, with a scorching hot take by Newsweek https://twitter.com/atheistcritique/status/1182681000033300480 Perhaps they should have mentioned that St. Greta’s Sweden only sees 36% of its citizens believing that climate change is mostly caused by Mankind. Anyhow, over to the BBC Climate change: Big lifestyle changes are the […]

California Bans Private Prisons And Illegal Alien Detention Facilities

Where will California put all its criminals, of which it has quite a few due to the lax law enforcement? New California law bans private prisons and immigrant detention centers California must phase out private, for-profit prisons and immigrant detention centers by 2028 under a new law Gov. Gavin Newsom announced signing Friday. The measure, Assembly […]

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