California Bans Private Prisons And Illegal Alien Detention Facilities

Where will California put all its criminals, of which it has quite a few due to the lax law enforcement?

New California law bans private prisons and immigrant detention centers

California must phase out private, for-profit prisons and immigrant detention centers by 2028 under a new law Gov. Gavin Newsom announced signing Friday.

The measure, Assembly Bill 32, represents a step toward the governor’s campaign promise to end the state’s use of private prisons.

It will prohibit state officials from signing new agreements with private prisons or renewing existing contracts starting next year, unless needed to comply with court-ordered population caps.

It will also ban all private detention centers from operating in California by the time their current contracts run out, including private immigrant detention facilities that contract with federal immigration authorities. It wouldn’t prohibit the federal government from building its own detention centers in California.

The time frame for this is by 2028. New contracts will not be signed, and all existing contracts end by that year. Where will they put the criminals? No one seems to be discussing that. That being said, many of these private prisons are a disgrace, even by prison standards. But, then, no one really wants to discuss what a disgrace many of the prisons run by the State Of California and counties can be.

The night before Newsom signed the bill, a spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the agency would relocate migrants housed in California facilities if the state bans private detention facilities.

“If this bill, or any similar bill, were to take effect, ICE would simply transfer individuals elsewhere at a greater distance from their arrest location to where they’d be detained,” spokeswoman Lori K. Haley said in a statement. “The impact of such a state law would be felt almost exclusively by residents of California who would be forced to travel greater distances to visit friends and family in custody, not by a federal law enforcement agency.”

Can the state ban the federal government from contracting with a private company to house illegal aliens? That could be a fun court suit if ICE gives it a shot. If California thinks that Los Federales will simply release illegals as well as not detain them, they’re sorely mistaken. Or, hey, maybe they can release the illegals in the capital of Sacramento with electronic trackers.

California increased its use of private prisons roughly a decade ago after courts determined the state’s prisons were so overcrowded they violated inmates’ constitutional rights.

The California State Sheriffs Association argues banning private prisons takes away an important option the state has to ensure its prisons aren’t overcrowded.

“The concern of the sheriffs is that if you take tools off the table, you start taking things that can help address population management,” said Cory Salzillo, a lobbyist for the sheriffs. “You increase the likelihood that people could be released from prison because of, say, a population cap.”

This should get interesting when there’s nowhere to put all the criminals in California. Really, this is all based on liberals suddenly getting upset over prisons making a profit, and, rather than fixing those with issues, they just wanted them gone. Why? Because. There really is no reason. They freaked out about them first, then came up with Reasons.

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