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There’s A Solution To Climate Anxiety Or Something

You can also call it climate depression, as well as climate rage The harm from worrying about climate change Back in 2014, my partner and I marked a date in our shared online calendar. Unusually, this was for 27 August 2015 – a year ahead. It was an arbitrary date. We’re indecisive when it comes […]

If All You See…

…is brush drying out from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Jo Nova, with a post on Extinction Rebellion being run by paid activists.

Even The ACLU Has An Issue With California’s Update Red Flag Law

Yes, the ACLU does, in fact, attempt to protect actual Constitutional Rights now and then California enacts most radical gun seizure, gun control law yet — even the ACLU is speaking out California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) signed more than a dozen firearm-related bills into law Friday, including one that expands the state’s existing red […]

Not Politics: Scientists Endorse Mass Civil Disobedience To Stop ‘Climate Change’

This is totally not political, and don’t you dare say it is Scientists endorse mass civil disobedience to force climate action Almost 400 scientists have endorsed a civil disobedience campaign aimed at forcing governments to take rapid action to tackle climate change, warning that failure could inflict “incalculable human suffering.” In a joint declaration, climate […]

Impeachment Sham: Excitable Adam Schiff Says Might Not Need To Testify

So, no one needs to hear from the person at the heart of this whole impeachment sham, someone who has links to Schiff and told Schiff’s staff a month before he went to the IG? Huh Schiff Says Congress May Not Need To Interview Whistleblower After All Rep. Adam Schiff said Sunday that the House […]

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