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Warmist: Kids Are Feeling Bad About Their Futures, Let’s Make It Worse

You can put the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of the adults. But we can solve it with hope (and lots of taxation) Treatment for climate anxiety is hope World Mental Health Day is a time to break down the stigma around mental health issues and remind Australians that seeking support and treatment […]

If All You See…

…are leaves changing from an early/late Fall due to carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Datechguy’s Blog, with a post on the new gender of “traitor.”

House Dems Won’t MoveOn, Want Mueller Report Grand Jury Material

If your car has a bad transmission, tires are bald, starter is hinky, shocks are worn out, and radiator is leaking (so AC and heat do not work properly), it would be time to move on, right? Key House panel asks federal judge for grand-jury evidence underlying the Mueller report A federal judge will hear […]

Republican Warmist Matt Gaetz Loves Him Some St. Greta, Pushes His Own Hotcoldwetdry Ideas

I’ve written about Excitable Matt Gaetz and his ‘climate change’ ideas a few times. His silly ideas haven’t changed. Pimping St. Greta won’t help earn him support ‘How dare you!’ Why the House hasn’t voted on climate change If you listen closely, you can hear a 16-year-old girl’s cry for help. “How dare you!” Her […]

Kansas City Shooting: At Least One Of Shooters Was Barred From Owning A Firearm

But, hey, we should take guns away from law abiding citizens, right, Beto? Not again. I visited Kansas City in August—and everyone I met was warm, generous, and welcoming. My heart is with all who are impacted by this tragedy. Together, communities like ours, which have been victims of gun violence, will lead the way […]

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