Republican Warmist Matt Gaetz Loves Him Some St. Greta, Pushes His Own Hotcoldwetdry Ideas

I’ve written about Excitable Matt Gaetz and his ‘climate change’ ideas a few times. His silly ideas haven’t changed. Pimping St. Greta won’t help earn him support

‘How dare you!’ Why the House hasn’t voted on climate change

If you listen closely, you can hear a 16-year-old girl’s cry for help. “How dare you!”

Her young voice echoes hauntingly through the air as it falls on the ears of those crazy enough to clog up intersections in Washington, D.C., and cities across the world.

Those in the room last week at the United Nations listening to her desperate cry for help applauded. What else can they do? They clap because it looks like they care. They applaud something they say they believe, but will never act on.

World leaders and transnational elites take off from the UN, Davos, and global climate forums in high-pollution private jets, washing their hands of responsibility. After speaking their piece, they leave without solutions, leaving future generations holding the bag, and facing the reality of more frequent hurricanes, higher temperatures, and increased air pollution.

I wish climate change wasn’t real. I wish I could do what many other politicians are doing: sitting back, relaxing, and talking about how great the Green New Deal is — how anything short of such a $93 trillion boondoggle is somehow betraying the world’s children. Meanwhile, floor speeches and exhortations to “think of the children” do nothing to make progress, or make concrete progress toward solving climate change.

Interesting, because Matt has never mentioned giving up his own use of fossil fuels, including for flying to and from D.C. He represents Florida. As a sidebar, mentions of the Green New Deal in the news have virtually dried up, and are usually in articles that are on other subjects as sidebars.

The Left pretends to care but does nothing. The American people care, too, and want us to do something.

A growing number of people realize the threat of climate change. A recent Gallup poll showed 44% of adults in the United States care a “great deal” about the threat of climate change; another poll found that 65% of Americans were at least “somewhat worried” by it. Democrats, take note: another recent poll shows that young people are increasingly willing to cross party lines to find solutions.

We don’t have to be divided. We can work together. We can solve this together.

When I introduced the “Green Real Deal” earlier this year, my vision was to start a national conversation to figure out innovative, practical ways to reduce emissions, and preserve the earth for generations to come.

My proposal is meant to decrease dependence on the federal government for climate solutions. I believe every state in our great nation should take it upon itself to find innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

Let’s not forget all the polls that say that most U.S. citizens wouldn’t want to pay more than $10 a month to solve Hotcoldwetdry. Remember this one from the end of September?

Another emerging theme from the survey is that people do not want to spend their own money to combat climate change. Thirty-seven percent do not want to pay any additional taxes, and only 14 percent are willing to pay even $1 more a month.

Since the GND promotes a 100 percent switch to renewables, we also asked whether people would be willing to pay more in various costs to support such a switch. A resounding 70 percent of respondents said they are unwilling to pay more in electric bills, 66 percent are unwilling to pay more in taxes, and 67 percent are unwilling to pay more in food costs to see a shift to 100 percent renewable energy.

Now, Gaetz’s plan is not that bad, as far as man-caused climate change plans goes. He’s all in on nuclear power. It is meant to limit the input and control by and of the federal government. All the taxes and fees that Warmists usually love are missing (Gaetz has never supported a carbon tax, cap and trade, etc.). All the big government dominance and decrees in controlling our lives are gone. However, it would still cause the price of living to rise. And it is all based on a false believe that mankind is mostly/solely causing the current low level warm period.

The problem is not that we lack solutions. The problem is that the same people who won’t even vote on their own ‘Green New Deal’ would rather block traffic in Washington, D.C., than stand up, take action, and pass meaningful legislative solutions.

Because most people like the notion of Doing Something in theory, but, in practice, they do not want to give up their own modern lifestyles nor pay more to “solve” the climate scam.

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7 Responses to “Republican Warmist Matt Gaetz Loves Him Some St. Greta, Pushes His Own Hotcoldwetdry Ideas”

  1. Nighthawk says:

    They don’t ‘do something’ because they know there is nothing they can do. They know that AGW is a farce and that the current warming is being caused by natural variations. They use this Climate Change canard for votes, to keep people divided and to play on people’s fear in hopes that they will look to the government to be ‘saved’. In short, it’s all for power.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Ruh-roh. A far-right Republican who claims global warming is causing the Arctic to melt and hurricanes to be more powerful.

    Said Gaetz: “I didn’t come to Congress to argue with a thermometer and I think that more of my colleagues need to realize that the science of global warming is irrefutable.”

    Gaetz is stating an obvious truth (to help bail out his ignorant colleagues), and some of his proposals are valuable… more nuclear power, open up federal lands to renewables, fix electrical infrastructure.

    • formwiz says:


      He likes decriminalizing marijuana, wants same-sex couples to adopt, and, as Teach notes, is already a Warmist.

      More wrong than right.

      And really wrong if bunny suit likes him.

    • david7134 says:

      Your climate religion has failed. It is gone. CO2 does nothing. You need to read current articles.

      But, how can a tax on only the U.S. Solve anything? How does global communism solve anything?

      We are not going to allow you to destroy us.

  3. formwiz says:

    And Jeffery wants us to think R Congressmen need to be “bailed out” on phony climate issues.

    Too bad the numbers don’t say that.

    Trump (and therefor, the party) is up 6 points in appealing to indies (Ruh roh, impeachment seems to be backfiring). And black males seem to be drifting R. To the tune of a third.

    Add that to a third of Hispanics and you understand why Trump’s people think 45 states next year.

  4. Kye says:

    I would like to inform Fredo that since the reign of Emperor Hussein I there have been no “far-right Republicans”. In fact, Republicans haven’t even been conservatives since King Bush II. Republicans devolved into “leftists-light” many years ago just to go along to get along and keep their piece of the collective pie.

    Fredo is horribly tainted by the fact the he is so far left Stalin is to his right. And that’s sad. In fact by Fredo’s standards and those of the “woke” Democrat Communist Party John Kennedy would be a conservative today. And a white supremacist too. Oh, and a homophobe, and misogynist. Fact is anybody who loves America, believes in God and can see that there are two sexes and differences between races Fredo considers a radical right-wing bigot.

    Trump 2020 45 states and counting!

  5. Jl says:

    “The problem is not that we lack solutions..”. The problem is that you… lack a problem

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